Adding users to email groups in the new Office 365 webmail

1. Navigate in your browser to and login using your email address and password (ask your administrator if you’re unsure as to what these are).

2. Select the Mail option.

3. Open the settings menu by clicking the Cog Icon in the top right of the screen.

Email Groups 1

4. In the Office 365 settings menu, click on the Options button.

Email Groups 2

5. This will open the Mail Options tab on the left side of the screen. From there, click the Other option at the bottom.

Email Groups 3

6. On this page, click the Go to the earlier version link. This will bring up the older options menu.

7. In the old options menu, click the Groups option on the left.

Email Groups 4

8. On the right you will see the list of distribution groups you own. Highlight the one you want to add/remove users from and click the edit button (the pencil icon).

Email Groups 5

9. This will open a new window, in this window click the Membership option on the left.

Email Groups 6

10. In this menu, you can use the + and icons to remove members from that particular group.

Note: This guide is will be applicable until Microsoft fully update to the new Webmail interface. When this happens, presumably it will no longer be necessary to use the “Go to the earlier version” option. At this point, this guide will be updated.