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Case Study: Upgrading Legacy Systems at a Professional Services Company

When we were contacted by a Professional Services company we’d worked with previously, we were happy to discuss their options.

They were in need of a new phone system to replace their legacy analogue ISDN based system, both in their main office, and two satellite offices. Let’s take a look at what we recommended, how we proceeded and the end result.

Client Type: Existing

Industry: Professional Services

Location: Central London

IP Phones

What makes system upgrades challenging?

The key issue with migrating from one system to another is ensuring that downtime is kept to an absolute minimum. Not only does downtime cost money, it also creates a bad first impression for the new system which can then make it increasingly difficult to get everyone onboard and enthusiastic about deploying it.

To ensure this wasn’t an issue, we adopted an approach that put us in constant dialogue with the client’s key decision makers.

The Sphere IT Approach

We needed to make sure we understood the growing needs of our client as their business had experienced a period of sustained growth.

With this in mind, we discussed how we could build a system that worked today, as well as one which would also grow with their business over the coming years.

This gave the client the peace of mind and reassurance that they were dealing with a team who understood their vision, and it gave us a far clearer understanding of what they were expecting from us.

Our Solutions

We provided a managed VoIP phone system along with all associated hardware, installation and support. This included:

  • Full documenting of the existing system to understand specific client needs
  • Creation of an intuitive digital receptionist menu for the transfer of customers
  • Full on-site testing and installation of the new system, including the configuration of branded handsets in all three offices
  • Working with the outgoing supplier to ensure zero disruption and ported existing numbers from ISDN to SIP trunks

Proactive Support

Our goal is always to create solutions that our clients feel comfortable using from day one.

This is why we were highly proactive in ensuring every member of staff fully understood how to use the new system, were aware of the added functionality and knew who to contact should they have any questions or queries.

We adopted a back-to-basics approach where we focused on telling each party what they needed to know to use the service, rather than offering a blanket approach that provided far more technical information than most staff would have found useful or necessary.

I was very impressed with our upgrading phone system – modern colour screen handsets branded with our company logo, call recording and myriad other features, all for a fraction of the cost of some of the other quotes we received. Sphere is very responsive to any changes we need made and these are done in minutes, instead of weeks as it was with our old system.

Client Managing Director

What does the future look like?

The system was upgraded without costly downtime impacting the business and the client tells us that they’re impressed with the reduced cost and added functionality of their new system.

As a growing business, they’ve been particularly impressed with how simple and straightforward it is to expand the network so that it scales with their business.

This is an example of the forward-thinking approach to problem solving we take at Sphere IT, and the results speak for themselves.

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