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  • Setting up Office 365 email on Android devices

    Windows 8.1Windows 8.1 is quite and intriguing operating system, some people may think that there isn’t much difference considering the version number, but these people couldn’t be anymore wrong. Windows 8.1 is said to bring to the table a better search engine, a better way to manage applications (through the use of the Windows Store), as well as a start-up screen that always has the latest updates on deck for you. It’s pretty extravagant, the operating system itself has put in additional features in such a short amount of time. This goes hand in hand with the BootyBay article posted on here, as 8.1 seems to implement the use of Windows Store, but it also allows you to sideload different applications a little bit easier. If you aren’t aware of what that means, head on back and read up on the article explaining it all.

    Another useful feature to keep in mind when talking about Windows 8.1 would have to be the pure fact that it’s relatively newer. Things are going to be a bit more stable than they usually are, as well as a bit more faster and cleaner. It’s always a good idea to upgrade whenever possible, and operating systems are no different when it comes to this rule. Some people are happy with what they’ve got, while others always wants the “new and improved” thing available on the market. You can’t blame them though, Windows 8.1 does look pretty sweet so far.

    Windows 8.1 has also promi – 003″ width=”300″ height=”193″ />

    2. Type your full email address, for example, type your password, and then tap Next.

    3. Select Manual.

    4. Review the settings on the Exchange server settings page and update if necessary.

    * Email – Make sure your full email address is in this box, for example,

    * Domain\Username – Type your full email address in this box, for example,

    If Domain and Username are separate text boxes in your version of Android, leave the Domain box empty, and type your full email address in the Username box.

    Password – Use the password that you use to access your account.

    * Exchange Server – The server name for Office 365 for business is

    * Make sure the Use secure connections (SSL) box is checked.

    5. Tap Done.

    Office 365 Andorid - 004

    6. Depending how the Office 365 administrator in your organization set up your account, you might receive a message about additional security features. Select OK or Activate to continue.

    Office 365 Andorid - 002

    7. Accept the defaults or make changes for how you want your account to sync on your device. When you’re finished, swipe to the bottom and tap Next.

    8. On the Set up email page you can change the name of your account. When you’re finished tap Done.


  • Windows 8 Sideloading

    Surface RTMany developers (whether they’re small or larger) have found the requirements for sideloading in Windows 8 is quite tenuous. If you don’t have the power or the capacity to handle it, you may find yourself holding the short end of the stick. The requirements when it comes to licensing and such are immense, as well as the costs that come a long with it (this is a well-documented case).
    Removing the barriers that pertain to sideloading in Windows 8 is a job that only few can handle, but it’s something that needs to be done. The Developer Platform Evangelist team in China has released the source code for this particular act, it’s become known as “BootyBay”. If you don’t know, Booty Bay is actually a city that is prominent in the online MMO “World of Warcraft”. Even though it’s a clever play on words, it doesn’t mean that the project isn’t an incredibly serious one to tackle.

    One development team over at Microsoft has felt the need to take action, they feel sideloading issues should be a thing of the past and that Windows 8 is a new opportunity. Sideloading is a great strategy to implement into operating systems, as it allows the users to install business apps without having to get them published through the Windows Store itself.

    The code itself is under a Ms-PL (which is a Microsoft Public License), so anybody and everybody can have a crack at bettering the source code for the company. I’m sure this is just another way for scouting potential developers to look for in the future, but who knows!

    This was an incredibly happy time for developers all around, as they figured they would be able to better the code itself, but as of today Microsoft has removed the BootyBay source code from all “retailers”. They must have found a fix if they didn’t want any more development to happen within the project. Here are a few things that Microsoft themselves felt were relevant when questioned about the code:

    They felt as if the company had given a few great options to consider when it comes to sideloading LOB applications, which were to include a company portal application that works with Windows InTune or simply System Center Configuration Manager. This is another to allow employees to simply install “line-of-business” applications to their Windows 8 devices.

    Portals that allow access through third-party programs/applications (Such as AirWatch, etc) which were based off of the integration of new MDM systems within Windows 8 Phones.
    Inlcuded information about built-in Powershell commands, allowing the user to perform installations manually to the device.
    Currently there isn’t any word on when there is going to be a new and relevant project to help the sideload process, but I’m sure Microsoft is out there working their tails off to try and make the best of what they have.