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E-Mail Migration

Still using the basic POP or IMAP email accounts that came with your domain or webhosting?

  • Mail you sent or received on one device not accessible on another?
  • Calendar not syncing between devices?
  • No way to setup shared calendars or contacts between staff?

Time to super charge your e-mail service with an enterprise grade IT solution!

Exchange E-mail Migration

With Microsoft Exchange being the leading and most popular messaging and collaboration system in the industry, and the backbone of communication for most businesses, we understand the importance in keeping up to date with the latest versions.

The majority of Exchange implementations, within the average established business are running at least Exchange 2010. Although Exchange 2003 is still an extremely powerful messaging system, many businesses have chosen to upgrade their mail systems to Exchange 2019 or the fully Microsoft hosted solution, Office 365. The later platforms include additional features and provides an enhanced Outlook Web Access experience, which entices businesses to migrate.

Sphere IT has you covered, whether you:

  • Are migrating between versions of Exchange
  • Are moving away from POP and IMAP based email provision, to Exchange
  • Are migrating to Office 365 or Google G-Suite, thereby essentially moving your mail to the cloud
  • Migrating between cloud solutions

Don’t get left behind!
The longer that your business delays upgrading and stays with your current version of Exchange, the harder and more complex it will be to upgrade to the latest version of the messaging system. Currently Microsoft have made a one-step migration from Exchange 2003 to 2007, 2010 or 2013. Migration to 2016 or 2019 is supported from 2010 onwards. However older versions such as Exchange 2000 first require to be upgraded to 2003 in which case makes the upgrade a more costly project, requiring multiple steps.

Our approach to your Exchange migration
Sphere IT will document your whole organisation and all software/equipment related to your Exchange mail system. The new Exchange server will be built and introduced to your infrastructure with no downtime. All mailboxes, groups and other mail objects and settings such as calendars, sharing permissions and public folders will be migrated over with little downtime to keep disruption to your business as minimal as possible.

We know how important mail is to your business. This is why we fully research and understand your infrastructure before deployment begins.

If you are contemplating to host your own Exchange server it is important that you consider robust business internet connectivity solutions to ensure the reliability and fast end user experience when accessing emails from out of the office.

Office 365 Migration

Where appropriate it may be more cost effective, or desirable for other reasons to migrate to a Hosted Exchange (AKA Cloud) environment. As a trusted business IT solutions London provider, we are proud to offer both migration to and from Hosted Exchange environments as well as being a Microsoft Cloud Services Partner and can help you seamlessly migrate to Office 365.

Office 365 is Microsoft’s SAAS (Software-as-a-service) platform that encompasses the full suite of Microsoft productivity software, including Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Office. Delivered as a cloud-based subscription service which can be accessed from any internet-connected computer or other device with a web browser, Office 365 is truly a revolution in business productivity and collaboration.

Office Web Apps – Use Word, Excel, Access and the full range of Office apps from a web-browser anywhere, any place and collaborate on documents with your co-workers using shared cloud storage space of 10GB with 500MB for each additional user.

50GB Mailbox – From as little as £3 per month, each user will get a 50GB cloud-based Exchange mailbox for your mail, contacts and calendars which can be access via Outlook, mobile devices using ActiveSync or with integrated BlackBerry Enterprise Server or webmail (Outlook Web Access)

Lower Costs & Scalability – No more costly upgrade cycles or new deployments with a seamless and simple per-user subscription based license model that can be quickly scaled to meet evolving business requirements

Better Communication – Use Microsoft Teams for conferencing, voice calling, instant messaging and collaboration not only across your internal organisation but with external organisations as well

Easy Management – Simplified web-based control panel for your entire Office 365 deployment including Exchange Management for easy user management such as password resets, creating users, etc.

Hardware Migration

Unfortunately no IT hardware lasts forever and eventually you are forced into migrating to new hardware or replacing the outdated/faulty equipment. In the long term it is usually more cost effective to purchase new hardware rather than attempt to repair/upgrade your existing equipment.

Need to replace your existing fleet of PCs or Macs? We can help to procure, deploy and migrate your existing user profiles and other data, whilst keeping disruption to a minimum.

Migrating your current software such as an Exchange, SQL or file server to a new server is something Sphere IT are proud to offer. Having exceptional experience with these projects, Sphere IT will definitely be able to help you swiftly move your systems over with little downtime.

Planning ahead
Sphere IT will make sure your new hardware is future proof for a minimum of 5 years. We use the rule “do it right first time” to save aggravation to your business. Sphere IT understand just how frustrating it can be when a new deployment of a server becomes unstable or fails so close to the date implemented into your IT infrastructure.

Project Management

We will undertake a detail analysis of your current set-up and business requirements before advising the most cost-effective and beneficial options available.

Upgrade hardware
Not ready to replace yet? No problem, we can help you breathe new life into your existing hardware with upgraded components such as a Solid State Hard Drive, additional RAM or newer graphics card.

Upgrade software
In some cases it is more cost effective to deploy the latest software to the new hardware rather than to keep the existing software. This stands true with Exchange for example, Sphere IT strongly advise considering this option. Failing to upgrade software over time can create a longer and costly upgrade path.

Phone system upgrade

Are you considering a VoIP phone system solution in london to upgrade your old out-dated copper or ISDN based system? Phone system upgrades and migrations are one of our specialities – with extensive knowledge we are confident we can help migrate from your old system without downtime or loss of productivity.