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Embrace the modern way of working with London’s number one outsourced IT support service.

Sphere IT takes all the tech issues off your hands, allowing you to concentrate your time and energy on what really matters: growing the business.

Whether it’s for a simple system tweak, a full blown IT disaster, or something in between, our expert team is always ready to assist.

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IT Outsourcing Services With a Personal Touch

After two decades helping organisations of all shapes and sizes, there are few tech-related challenges that we are yet to encounter. When choosing Sphere IT as your provider you’re getting a comprehensive level of IT support, carried out by our band of experienced technicians.

Along with day-to-day troubleshooting, we’re able to aid your business in areas like project management and strategic planning. Want to streamline your operations, perhaps? We know a guy. (And he works for Sphere IT)

Don’t worry, our outsourced IT support isn’t some generic, template service. We’ve worked with enough customers to realise that no two businesses are the same, and therefore know that the same standardised service won’t cut it. Our aim is always to develop a solution that is personalised for your organisation’s specific needs.

What is Outsourced IT Support?

Outsourcing your IT support simply means to hand it off to a third-party provider (like yours truly).  In many cases this is done to replace an in-house IT support department, which is often costly and resource-hungry.  All of the various IT responsibilities and tasks – including tech support, network administration, cybersecurity, software and hardware procurement/maintenance – will be resumed by your new provider, with little to no change required in the way you work

Making an external organisation responsible for your company’s IT can be a daunting prospect initially, but the majority quickly discover it to be an advantageous arrangement.

With outsourced IT you retain all the typical perks of having an in-house department – think systems maintenance, updates and security, troubleshooting questions like: “Have you tried turning it off and then on again?” – but you also get an additional level of support that affords you access to our wide-ranging expertise, and 24/7 cover for your systems.

How Outsourced IT Support Services Can Benefit your Business

Perhaps the greatest benefit of outsourcing your IT operations is that it’s simply one less thing for you to think about.  

Even at the best of times, IT systems and networks require a fair amount of maintenance.  On their moodiest days?  They can wreak havoc on your business.  In any case, if you’re not a professional IT specialist, then you needn’t spend your energy and resources worrying about IT related issues.  Of any magnitude.

By putting a professional team like Sphere IT in charge of your IT ops, you get complete peace of mind and are able to focus on the actual business side of your company.

Going with an external IT support service, there are also considerable financial savings to be had.  Building and maintaining an internal IT team is usually a costly affair.  Between the hiring, training, and all the necessary hardware & software, you’re looking at a sizable financial outlay with zero guarantee that you’ll be able to retain said employees long-term.

Outsourcing your IT removes these frustrations entirely.  Instead, you’ll be getting reliable support from some of the most skilled and experienced IT professionals in the industry, as long as you’re with us.  Hiring?  Training?  Don’t even think about that – Leave it to us to handle!

Why Choose Our Outsourced IT Support Solutions?

If you’re going to put your IT at the mercy of a third party, then you want it to be with an outsourcing provider you can trust.  Not just to keep your operations alive, but to ensure that your systems are secure against intrusion, and optimised for your organisation’s success.

Sphere IT is the outsourced IT support choice of many London businesses.  There’s a few reasons why they come to us:

Expert IT Support

With Sphere IT you’re getting round-the-clock access to our team of highly skilled IT professionals. Between us we have decades of experience working with tech in a variety of different industries, and there aren’t many challenges that take us by surprise (showing our age, here).

Cost-Effective Solutions

Our tailored service allows you to do away with that budget squeezing in-house IT department, and save your company money.

Cutting-Edge Technology

The IT world moves quickly, so we move with it. Choosing Sphere IT as your provider, you’ll benefit from the latest tech - hardware, software, security, infrastructure, the whole lot - giving your business a unique competitive advantage.

Regular Maintenance and Monitoring

You never know when disaster can strike, which is why we’re always monitoring your systems for potential problems. At IT Sphere we have a “prevention is the best cure” mentality. But in the instance something does go awry? We’ll rectify the issue quickly and ensure there is minimal disruption to your business.

Dedicated Account Manager

In order to provide you with the best possible service, we need to understand your company goals. You’ll get a dedicated account manager that’ll be on hand to listen to your challenges, and identify the best IT solutions for your business.

Flexible and Scalable

Being able to swiftly adapt to shifting tides is key in any successful business. We recognise this better than anyone, and therefore offer you the ability to easily change your level of IT support, as per your needs. We’re flexible, but don’t ask us to do the splits.

Experience the Benefits of Outsourced IT Support for Your Business Today

Are you a London based organisation seeking a reliable and cost-effective IT support solution?  Sphere IT offers you all the benefits of a traditional internal IT department, and much, much more.  We’ve assembled a team of experts able to diagnose and fix all of your tech woes, and we’re ready to help you morning, day, and night.  

Premium London IT support can be a huge difference-maker in your business…so why make life complicated? 

Contact us today for more information on how you can benefit from Sphere IT’s outsourced support services.