Remote IT Support

Remote working is the new normal. Modern companies depend on reliable IT systems that enable their workforce to be mobile.

No matter whether they are working from home or out in the field, Sphere IT’s remote support services ensure your employees are always connected to your business.

person sitting at desk on laptop providing remote IT support

Supporting Remote and Hybrid Workforces

The name of the game isn’t simply for your company to be remote; you want to provide it with flexibility.

As one of London’s leading IT support providers, we are committed to helping businesses embrace a future that involves both remote and hybrid working options.

Regardless of which direction you choose, our experienced support team is fully equipped to provide reliable assistance.

Delivering Exceptional IT Support Remotely in London

For two decades Sphere IT has been providing technical assistance to the nation’s capital and surrounding regions.

Choosing us as your remote support partner means putting your IT in the hands of a certified team of professionals, versed in Microsoft, Apple, plus a number of other popular platforms.
And In times of crisis, you won’t be left hanging. Our support team tackles and remediates IT disasters urgently, so everyone can get back on with their day.

Cost and Administrative Overhead Reduction Through Outsourcing

Keeping an In-house IT team is no small task. The time, manpower, and investment involved really begs the question: Is it even worth it?

As a cost-effective and hassle-free alternative, you might consider outsourcing your operations to a specialist remote IT support provider. In doing so you’ll reap all the benefits of a round-the-clock team of proficient IT professionals, without any of the internal departmental complexities.

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Support for Companies With Remote Ambitions

An efficient IT support team is one that is out of sight - before we send out one of our engineers, we’ll always first try and help you virtually, by method of remote session.

That means that your employees can count on assistance for each and every IT challenge, wherever they may roam.

Hands on Tech Assistance Delivered Remotely

Our support isn’t just verbal; we’ll actually make any required system fixes for you from the Sphere IT command centre.

All we need is the user’s consent, and one of our service desk engineers will be able to connect to their device remotely. This allows us to help any employee in a quick and efficient manner, and limits the downtime they would otherwise face waiting for an engineer to come and find them!

Delivering Remote Tech Support With Security in Mind

A remote support connection might sound a little scary, but you can rest assured that our method is extremely secure.

When connecting to our clients, our remote app uses encryption to make sure that no-one besides the operating engineer has access to or can see your device. All of your data will remain safe, and once our engineer has completed the job they won’t have any further access to your device unless you specifically grant it.

IT Security Consulting for Remote Working

Data security is a concern for any business, but it becomes that much more critical when your workforce are connecting to company systems from anywhere and everywhere.

Sphere IT’s consultancy team can advise on first getting your employees the remote access they require to do their job, and then on how to keep all parts of the network secure once they have it.

As part of our service, our experienced IT security professionals will fill you in on all of the best remote security best practices, including how to safely manage policies unique to your business (such as ‘Bring Your Own Device’).

Ready to make the remote leap? Before you make any commitments, feel free to discuss your company’s unique needs and requirements with our team of IT super geniuses (their official job title).