What is the East London Tech City

East London Tech City or Silicon Valley is a city or state of a country that harbours all the tech companies including those providing IT support London businesses rely on to function. Major technological and digital companies are situated there, and all these companies contribute together to the IT industry in a country. It is the preferred places for IT start-ups because they will find many worthy investors there. The biggest Silicon Valley in the world is in California, USA. Getting inspired from the United States, London formed East London’s tech city around the 2000s.

Originally, East London’s tech city was the place where many new start-up companies launched themselves and looked for interested investors. Some of the first companies were Tweetdeck, Bright Lemon, Last.fm, and Squiz. It was a powerful movement made to make sure that these companies stayed in the UK instead of going to the USA. Tech city is situated between Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and Old Street. This East London Tech City encourages new and old companies to have a vision of growth and prosperity.

History of East London Tech City

City scape of east london tech city

London Tech City has another name called Silicon Roundabout. The name Silicon Roundabout was originally used as a joke, but it stuck around. In 2008, many web businesses started to develop themselves near the old street roundabout. Then, the 2008 recession made the area cheaper in terms of rent, and with many new entrepreneurs on the scene, a pool of experienced individuals with plausible start-up ideas formed.

This pool was then supported by both the national and local London governments with a common goal of creating a technological hub. From 2010, the project started taking shape. Even big companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, McKinsey & Company, Intel, and Cisco also begun investing in this area and setting up their own office space in east London. This was how the East London tech city started, and today it is an tech hub to the country.

Educational Investment In The Tech City

This silicon roundabout that’s situated between Olympic Park and Old Street doesn’t just attract IT investments as mentioned above. It also has some academic institutions that freely operate in this area. Some are the University of London, London Metropolitan University, Imperial Innovations, Tech City College, University College of London, and Loughborough University. All these institutions are working to help with the efficient, fast-growth London’s tech city.

Current situation

When Google announced about relocating itself in the old street roundabout to create the google campus, more and more firms including IT companies started considering East London in their plan of expansion. This whole chain process helped London with earning its place in the list of countries with advanced technology in business.

Today big companies like Cisco, Amazon, Bosch, QUALCOMM, and many more are sitting there and giving east London’s tech and digital economy great support and a large boost.

London Going green

London’s technological hub is supporting the notion of giving chances to new companies to grow and flourish. These young and new start-ups have their office space in both the social smart city and cleanweb in east London. These companies are helping London with going green and becoming more energy efficient.

Secrets leading to success

For tech startups and bigger tech companies to thrive in the IT hub in the London city, and in turn, making London’s tech city successful like Silicon Valley in California, such secrets can be helpful. Some plans make it big, while others don’t have much impact. The list below may help serve as an inspiration for making better growth plans.

• Plenty of HNIs – The London tech city has plenty of HNIs and funding institutions that are ready to support new programming and technology businesses. Venture capitalists and angel investors want to invest so that they can earn dividends as the company grows. For growth, investments are very important.

• Inspiration and experience – The new budding entrepreneurs can use past entrepreneurs’ success and failure stories to learn from them. When there are practical examples of various business approaches available, the new entrepreneurs keep a level head when dealing with any curveball.

• Access to resources – When the new companies have proper access to needed resources, it provides the start-ups with the required boost to earn profits.

• A combined effort of the private sector, London government, prime minister, and academia show that the London tech city has involvement from the educational institutions and the local and national government. Together, the tech companies, universities, and the government involve themselves in constant research to ensure that the London tech city can grow.

Characteristics of a good London Tech company

Before hiring any outsourcing IT company in London, look for the following characteristics of what makes an excellent helpdesk:

• Customer service – One of the must-have characteristics in an outsourcing company is quick customer service. They should attend to every incoming customer grievance without missing a beat.

• Various services – When looking for an outsourcing company in London, make sure that it can provide a wide range of services. They should be able to provide different freelance workers with the required skills.

• Skilled workers – Do a little research and hire a company that has appropriately qualified employees. The workers should have passed valid screening tests and are not amateurs.

It is not easy to operate a successful location and get the investment that ensures growth. There are many challenges to come, but the tech city in London is filled with a talented crowd with digital and programming skills.

The green digital economy companies in the silicon roundabout may have it harder, but together with smart city firms, the future can be promising. The IT support that this tech city provides London has become the global hub for technological advancement and excellence over time. It is safe to say that London’s tech and digital economy is in good hands with East London’s tech city.