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No matter what size your business is, maintaining the right IT company is vital to the future success of your operations. Whether you already have an IT department that requires additional assistance, or simply isn’t sure where to start, Sphere IT is the premier London IT company for your firms needs.

Located in Central London, we are an IT support company with extensive experience in providing businesses with the tools necessary to propel their enterprise into the forefront of the digital revolution. With our professional managed IT services, your business will no longer suffer from the constraints of malfunctioning devices or outdated software.

With our cost-effective pricing and proactive customer service, Sphere IT’s reputation speaks for itself. We make it a mission to provide unparalleled business IT solutions to every client, allowing us to stand out amongst competitors who fall short of such promises.

From comprehensive IT solutions to cloud based technology solutions, there are no limitations to how our team can meet your companies IT requirements and objectives, both in the short-term and the long-term. If your firm is ready to take the plunge and forever revolutionise its IT, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our professionals. We can’t wait to help you find success.

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Why Choose Sphere IT?

  • Flexible packages - to meet businesses of any size. Whether you only require the occasional piece of advice from one of our IT experts or full-scale server maintenance, our plans can adapt to any number of requirements.
  • 24/7 assistance - that enables your business to take care of problems quickly and efficiently, subsequently eliminating downtime and boosting overall productivity!
  • A team of professionals - who understand your business, recognise your goals, and knows how to help you reach them.
  • Minimise Downtime - due to our rapid response and resolution times.
  • Unrivalled Security - security is the priority of any IT company to ensure secure, dependable strategies. To keep your most vital data and organisation protected from the harshest of disasters, our team assures business continuity through vigorous planning that prepares you for any unforeseen scenario.

How we differ from other London IT Companies

Diverse markets require adaptability, which is why Sphere IT offers a variety of IT services in London and plans fit for workforce's of any size.

Flexible Payment

Our Core, Premium, and Premium Plus packages are tailored for scalability, so your business only pays for what it needs. Once it’s time to expand, you can easily upgrade to a package with additional features.

To keep our clients secure, our contracts are always offered on a rolling 30-day basis. If you wish, you’ll always have the option to adjust your contract length to fit specific needs.

Unparalleled Service

Regardless of what plan you choose, Sphere IT promises a variety of benefits when you use our services. Our team is available remotely to provide efficient assistance at any time, keeping your business running at full-speed 24/7 and effectively eliminating unproductive downtime.

We take a proactive approach with supporting our London based clients, we identify areas of improvement and prevent problems before they surface, saving you from spending resources in the long run, and keeping your companies assets secure.

Network & Server Support

Maintaining a secure IT infrastructure is essential for any successful enterprise, which is why we provide thorough network and server support. By signing up with one of our all-inclusive IT plans, you can enjoy unlimited support with the services we deliver.

With modern tools and professional methods, we can keep your team from suffering due to downed servers and poor performance. With comprehensive infrastructure audits, we can pinpoint areas of weakness and complete fixes that keep your IT systems at top-shape, leaving your workforce to focus on what really matters.

Our network support is just as all-encompassing, and guarantees that your business won’t suffer from outages that greatly hinder its productivity. Our state-of-the-art tools monitor your network’s status – as well as other essential equipment – at all times, and will alert us of any problems that arise long before they can pose a threat. With regular maintenance audits, we will keep your network up to speed with the rest of your operations, and notify you of any areas that could use improvement.

Qualified Professionals

Sphere IT prides itself in offering business IT solutions that actually see results, and doesn’t leave clients upset over wasted time and resources. To maintain our reputation, we only employ engineers who’ve received credible & recognised certifications and have extensive experience within the industry. Including Cisco, Microsoft, Citrix and Office 365 support to name a few.

Regardless of what route your business’ journey may take you, our team is talented enough to keep your companies IT running smoothly every step of the way.

Our IT Companies focus areas

Below are just some of the IT Services Sphere IT have to offer.

Office 365

Workforces of any size can benefit from Office 365’s features, which is why our IT companies services are geared towards improving your business with this essential tool. Using our bespoke subscription, your team can enjoy extensive data security, modern collaborative methods, remote access, and more – all while remaining cost-effective.

Cloud Computing

More and more businesses from every corner of the world are transferring their IT infrastructure into the Cloud. If your workforce is ready to make the switch, Sphere IT can provide you with the support necessary to make the transition smooth, and help employees hit the ground running.

With reduced costs and scalability, our approach – as always – remains cost-effective enough for you to stay comfortable, and direct remaining resources elsewhere. Utilising our extensive business IT services, the Cloud can be another tool your team uses to maintain progress and quickly fulfill objectives.

IT Consultancy

Understanding how to approach your IT infrastructure is at the root of meeting growing business requirements. Whether you’re a startup or an established organisation, your workforce will require a team at your side to advise you on the best steps to take in your journey towards success.

From providing extensive data protection to assisting you with using the Cloud, Sphere IT’s consultants can take your business’ goals and requirements into account to provide you with an advice-driven roadmap guaranteed to fulfill your needs.

Managed IT Services

Keeping your IT systems functioning at full capacity is a task that never sleeps. With our professional managed services, your infrastructure won’t have to suffer from unproductive downtimes, server issues, high costs, and more. Sphere IT’s team of experts can successfully manage and maintain services such as IP phone systems, backup & disaster recovery, and business internet connectivity – just to name a few.

Companies we work with

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Our professional London IT company has already served a diverse client base in the city, and we can’t wait for you to join the list. From startups to established commercial companies, our team is capable of providing organisations of any size with the support they need to flourish.

Some key industries we’ve worked with include hospitality, retail, construction, legal, HR, and finance. Using the extensive experience gained over years of serving the IT industry, we understand the ins and out of how to meet challenges, both big and small, with proficiency.

Regardless of the issues your workforce faces, our London IT companies support services are adaptable enough to propel your business past obstacles, and contribute to an outcome that is as hassle-free as it is successful.

See how we can transform your companies IT

Get in touch with one of our experts today.

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