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From IT Support and IT Consultancy to Microsoft 365 support, Data Backup and Equipment Repairs, we offer solutions to meet your business requirements.

Whether you’re an SME or even a world leader in your field, we can help. Our experts stand ready to resolve whatever IT challenge inevitable comes your way next.


Why Turn to Sphere IT to Manage Your IT?

While it’s not always obvious to a certain rank of people, IT is the backbone of the modern organisation.  When tech systems are dysfunctional, then business can quickly go by the wayside.  And even when they are working, inefficient and unoptimised systems are typically going to prevent business growth.

So it stands to reason that you would want only the best overseeing all aspects of your company’s IT.

Sphere IT – a Microsoft Silver Partner – can offer your business an unmatched level of IT support London.  As part of our service we’ll look after your IT infrastructure and systems, fix faults and errors, and keep everything – especially your data – secure from potential hacks.

We’re not just around to put out fires, though.  We want to help you prosper and give you an edge in your market.  Which is why we offer a number of future-proofing solutions like Office 365 & Cloud Computing Solutions, IT Consultancy and disaster recovery services.

No matter if you’re a family-run enterprise, or a multinational corporation, Sphere IT can address all of your IT woes and help level up your business.

No need to lose any more sleep over misbehaving technology – Sphere IT will get you back on the right track with our support services, 24/7 proactive monitoring, and expert IT help desk.

For a flat monthly fee, we’ll make sure your IT systems don’t get in the way of your company’s ability to be productive and efficient.

We know technology like the back of our hand. Our team of experts are versed in all the various IT challenges that companies face, and are on hand to offer advice when making those big tech-related decisions.

Our location in London allows us to offer top-quality services to various industries, such as Professional Services, Manufacturing, Travel, Fashion and Recruitment, and others.

Our solid communications platforms and reliable internet services provide the backbone for business productivity.

Based in a convenient London location, our services are accessible to any number of businesses covering several industries.  Not limited to but including: Recruitment, Travel, Fashion, Manufacturing, and Professional Services.

IT Services for Businesses of All Sizes and Industries

For the last 20 years, Sphere IT has been helping businesses of all different shapes and sizes get their IT systems in working order. In that time we’ve seen clients from medical, property, legal, accountancy, the charity sector – you name it. But regardless of company profile, our goal has always been to provide a service focused on specific needs and circumstances of each customer.

Sometimes that can mean fixing network outage, others it can be addressing a less catastrophic (although just as frustrating) printer issue. 

Of course, in times of relative calm a good IT partner is one that you rarely have to think about; as your company’s tech companion, we’ll take care of everything – infrastructure, cloud services, security – and allow you to get on with running your business. We’ll also assist and advise in the process of upgrading software and hardware. Our day-to-day support is comprehensive.

If something does go terribly wrong? In the event it’s an issue that can’t be fixed remotely, we’ll rush one of our expert technicians to your site, and ensure any down time is kept to a minimum.

An excellent service is the bare minimum you can expect from Sphere IT, but be assured that we’re also a team of friendly, patient IT professionals.

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Why Choose Sphere IT?

Serving London and beyond since 2010, Sphere IT is a highly professional IT support company offering an exemplary level of service.

There’s a few reasons why you’ll want to consider working with us:

Why Choose our IT Services

Our service covers IT support, Cloud Solutions, IT Security, and Business Continuity Systems. Essentially, we are the full package!

We care deeply about our customers, and that is reflected in the glowing reviews we’ve received. To underline the standard of service we set for ourselves, Sphere IT is accredited as a Microsoft Gold, Cyber Essentials, and Exclaimer Partner.

Medical, security, leisure, property - our customers come from a range of different industries and backgrounds. This has allowed us to develop an understanding of the specific needs and requirements for every professional environment.

Facing a tech crisis? Don’t fret - our ticketing system is designed to prioritise customers in most urgent need.

In the instance you do require immediate help, we won’t waste any time - an engineer will be out to you before the problem gets out of hand.

Need Help from an IT Specialist?

IT Sphere isn’t the only company of its kind in London, but we might be the best (in our humble opinion).

Faulty hardware & software, data insecurity, systems issues – we’re ready to address all of your computer-tech related problems. But we know that in this ever-changing digital landscape, it’s not always about the now. So we’ll also give you the direction and advice you need to prepare for future developments.

Got a unique issue you need help with? Get in touch and let us know. We’ve got an expert familiar with your industry, ready to provide assistance. And to limit any interruptions or down time you may be experiencing, we’ll be sure to get back to you within one business day.

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Keeping your business running smoothly is our business