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The market doesn’t have time to wait for businesses to catch up, and it can be a struggle to keep every facet of your workforce running while also maintaining a robust IT infrastructure—regardless of size. No matter what stage of growth your business is currently in, it’s always a worthwhile investment to reach out for extra assistance. Whether you are currently self-managing and need a little help or you have an outsourced IT support company already that you're not happy with, you've come to the right place.

Sphere IT is a Central London based IT Support solutions provider that is devoted to supporting businesses that are looking to increase productivity, efficiency and profitability by providing a comprehensive array of enterprise grade IT Support and Managed IT Services. No matter what your business needs may be, our team of highly experienced professionals can guide your hand towards success with a variety of comprehensive services.

We are incredibly proud of the reputation we have built our business on; providing efficient, cost-effective, pro-active and friendly IT Services and IT Support in London with a truly personal level of service which our bigger competitors are not able to meet. We cut no corners when it comes to serving your team with the tools it requires to flourish within the digital revolution, and the results speak for themselves. Using a variety of modern techniques tailored specifically to the design of your business, there isn’t a single problem we can’t help you solve.

So, whether your business is looking to have a single niggling issue resolved, complete a one-off upgrade, server migration or other IT project, move to having every aspect of your IT, communications and network managed and pro-actively monitored 24/7/365 by our expert team, or even if you simply want the peace of mind knowing that you have someone to assist your in-house staff if and when required, Sphere IT is here to help.

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Expert Outsourced IT Support in London

Businesses are just as diverse as the clients they serve, which is why Sphere IT has three main IT Support Plan offerings: Core, Premium and Premium Plus. No matter what you choose, your business will benefit from some of the best IT support that London has to offer. Take a look at just some of the features we offer below to supplement your decision.

All of our packages feature unlimited remote IT support hours. For a fixed monthly fee you can benefit from our skilled and certified team as your IT support London based managed helpdesk, for the fraction of a cost of employing one IT person in-house. No matter where you are, our professionals are always available to provide you with expert assistance.

A mutual sense of trust is vital to making our operations successful, which is why we won’t ever try to confuse you with over-complicated or predatory contract terms. Offering flexibility is important to us, so unless you specify otherwise, all of our contracts are offered on a rolling 30 day basis as standard, giving you complete peace of mind. At the end of the day, we’re a partnership, and it’s in our best interest to keep your business flourishing.

We pride ourselves in responding to issues quickly and taking a very proactive approach – the majority of issues we face are tackled before they get a chance to effect users. Compared to unresponsive competitors or ill-equipped in-house IT teams, our mission is to keep your business running at full efficiency 24/7. With our services, you can virtually eliminate unproductive downtimes due to technological issues, boost the security of your current infrastructure, and more. It’s vital for us to know where your business’s IT health stands before anything else, and we’re ready to go the extra mile to ensure our solutions are as efficient as possible. So, before your contract even begins, we will send out one of our fully qualified technicians to conduct a free on-site infrastructure audit. The quality of your network infrastructure, server equipment, disaster recovery plans, and more will all be documented in this process. This helps us to understand how your IT infrastructure currently works and provides essential insight into the methods we might use to improve its capabilities.

Why choose us?

  • Flexible Arrangements to suit your business needs, no matter how big or small - from the occasional helping hand to a fully managed helpdesk with pro-active network management and round-the-clock system monitoring
  • Peace of mind that expert assistance is just a phone call or email away
  • Business Continuity thorough disaster recovery and backup strategies to protect your critical data and systems
  • Reduce Downtime due to our quick response and repair times
  • Budget Easily as we have both Flexible Hourly Rates and Unlimited IT Support fixed-price contracts available
  • Assistance at any time with our remote IT support or managed support helpdesk based in London.
  • Access to industry experts who can provide you with a roadmap that sets your business up for success, or with advice to solve any current issues your workforce faces.
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Companies we work with

Our diverse client base includes everything from many start-ups and charities to dozens of established small-to-medium size commercial organisations across various market sectors, along with some larger corporate clients located throughout the City of London, Greater London and surrounding areas.

Our expertise and experience in different industries such as IT support for Hospitality, Retail, Finance, Construction, Legal & HR ensures that we are well placed to appreciate the unique challenges and advise you on the best practices for your specific sector. Regardless of your requirements and objectives, we boast all the means necessary to provide your business’s distinctive workforce with unparalleled support.

At the same time, we understand that each business is different and work with you to gain an understanding of your IT support requirements for your London business and priorities which enables us to deliver a truly bespoke IT and Network support service. With our state of the art tools and modern services, there is no doubt in our minds that your business will benefit from a partnership with our team of experienced professionals. Reach out to us today for more information regarding how we can propel your business’s success, and see for yourself why we are one of the most trusted London IT support providers around.

Keeping your business running smoothly is our business

IT Support we provide to London

It’s the responsibility of any modern business to maintain the structure of their technical assets, which is why Sphere IT is dedicated to providing only the best IT support for London businesses.

As the market expands and skyrockets towards unprecedented growth, it’s easier than ever for businesses to lose footing amidst fast-paced competitors. Maintaining a focus on what truly matters to your business’ growth proves a challenge for anyone, as owners are suddenly forced to meet objectives all while attempting to improve their digital tools. Such a reality makes it vital for companies to bring on an outsourced IT support provider to take care of technological issues, and therefore enable their workforce to focus on what really matters.

To keep businesses running at top shape – and ahead of the competition – our team of experts provides clients with a variety of comprehensive IT support solutions that can propel any organisation into success.

On-Site Support

Failing to appoint a reliable IT consultancy firm can place strain on your resources, and force you to provide the salary of someone you won’t always need. By teaming up with Sphere IT, you can effectively save the time and money it costs to recruit and train IT staff, so you only pay for what you actually require.

To keep your operations running smoothly, we will send out one of our IT experts on a regular schedule to personally examine your IT infrastructure, provide staff with advice and assistance, set up new devices, and more.

Remote Support

Your business can’t afford to have downtime when it comes to maintaining its IT infrastructure. When your employees leave their desks for the day, clients and other workers who need help are forced to wait until they return. This can impact sales, customer satisfaction, and more – something Sphere IT works hard to prevent for our clients.

By allowing us to integrate with your existing support staff, we can efficiently provide assistance while your primary team is out of office, keeping your devices operating at full capacity 24/7.

Ad-Hoc IT Support

Even if your business only requires a quick solution for a pestering issue, our experts are still available to help. With a variety of flexible IT support options available, we can provide you with answers anytime you need them, whether on a one-time basis or periodically. No matter if you require a short solution or a comprehensive examination of your infrastructure, you can expect to receive outstanding support and unparalleled results.

IT Support Plans

With such a diverse market, we understand that not every business is built the same way. For this reason, we’ve crafted unique IT support plans that can serve your business far better than a one-size-fits-all approach.

Our scalable packages are tailored to meet specific business requirements, and prevent you from paying for services that you don’t need. Not only will we eliminate the stress of worrying about your business’ IT infrastructure, but also help you to understand the digital world as if you were one of our own — knowledge that is vital to your future success.

Interesting in obtaining IT support for your London business?

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