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Today, access to the Internet and E-Mail is a necessity to almost every business. For this reason it is extremely important to make sure your network and IT infrastructure are secure from potential attacks.

Keeping your network safe

Good network security is not just about antivirus solutions, firewalls and encryption. It’s also about user education and forward planning – Sphere IT will carry out a detailed inspection & analysis of your network infrastructure, disaster recovery solution and user environment. Once we have this data we will then recommend adjustments to your configuration or user behaviours that may offer a potential security weakness that could inversely impact your business.

Managed Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware

Sphere IT can deploy suitable antivirus solutions to your business, giving you maximum protection against attacks. Many people are unaware that this can be centrally controlled for your business, giving you one price to pay and the peace of mind that all your PCs are up-to-date and secure with a central management and reporting tool.

Perimeter Defense

Your Firewall is the first defence in protecting your internal network from internet attacks and intrusions. Ensure your network is fully protected with a business grade firewall router to protect you against hackers, denial of service attacks and other threats faced by businesses on a daily basis.

Patch Management

It is a crucial business effort to ensure your PCs, servers and network devices are fully up-to-date with the latest patches, security updates and firmware from hardware and software vendors utilised across your business.

Penetration Testing

A penetration test is a comprehensive method used to probe your network from the internet to detect if there are any vulnerabilities a hacker could exploit to gain access to your internal network and resources. Regular testing of your network and business procedures to ensure that you are fully protected and prepared for all eventualities.


We can assist you with securing your setup to gain your Cyber Essentials, PCI-DSS or other compliance certifications.

We can also implement any changes required due to new GDPR regulations or other regulations that may apply to your specific industry such as Law Society or Financial Conduct Authoriy requirements.

Access Control

Ensuring that only authorised individuals have access to your systems and data and that this access is managed, tracked and updated regularly.

For example, ensuring leavers accounts are promptly locked out or disabled & ensuring that multi factor authentication is enabled where possible.

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