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Every business requires a unique, practical approach when it comes to facing growing business requirements regarding their IT infrastructure. In a nonstop business environment, staying prepared is of the utmost importance for any company that wishes to stay ahead of their competition. Whether you require extensive data protection, information about potential networks, or someone to guide you through the ins and outs of the Cloud and necessary upgrades, our team is ready to help.

At Sphere IT, our process is solely designed to uplift your business’s potential and streamline productivity. We will carefully analyse all facets of your company to identify your business goals, pinpoint areas with room for improvement, and craft a plan made to improve your output – all while remaining incredibly cost-effective.

Through a top-down design, we make sure we understand everything there is to know about your business beforehand, resulting in a system that’s made specifically for your needs. When it comes to providing the best IT consultancy services available for our clients, we cut no corners.

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Our IT Consulting Process

Our reliable IT services can handle a variety of modern business needs. First, we will consult with your business to understand where and how your IT system functions. After performing a complete computer system inventory and inspection, we will then analyse the security, reliability, and functionality of your computer systems. 

To help your team understand our findings, we will finish by providing both a written report and a formal presentation containing your complete evaluation, along with our personal recommendations for how to improve your systems cost-effectively.

Why choose our IT Consultancy Services?

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  • Accessibility - Sphere IT boasts a thorough game plan that serves every client with the utmost efficiency. By utilising an easy-to-understand approach to IT consulting, our IT company has paved the way for designing impactful business systems.
  • Expertise - Our team is filled with professionals from all walks of the IT field, ensuring that your business’s needs will be met on all fronts. With extensive availability, we are prepared to assist you with an expert opinion at any point in your process – say goodbye to unnecessary downtime!
  • Flexibility - Everything we do is designed to be cost-effective. With friendly budget options including flexible hourly rates and unlimited IT support through fixed-price contracts, we can serve businesses of any size.
  • Unrivalled Security - It’s at the front of any IT consulting company to provide secure, reliable strategies. To keep your most crucial data and systems safe from the worst of disasters, our team guarantees business continuity through robust planning that prepares you for any unexpected event.

Some of out specialist IT Consultancy Services

Below are just some of the IT consultancy services that we have extensive knowledge with and have to offer.

Office 365

In a non-stop business environment, keeping your company flexible and easily accessible for employees is of the utmost importance. For any modern business hoping to survive rigorous and ever-changing management requirements, there is no better solution than the tools provided with Office 365.

Cloud Computing

Let us help you benefit from the rewards cloud computing can offer while saving the administrative overhead and costs associated with an in-house server.

IT Office Relocation

Gives the ability to manage business PCs & Laptops. You can assign your business PCs & Laptops to your Azure cloud where they and user accounts can be centrally managed.

Managed IT Services

At Sphere IT we pride ourselves on taking care of the fine details so you don’t have to. By providing the managed IT services that allow you to focus on what you do best, we create flexible solutions that grow with your business

Who comes to us for IT Consultancy?

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As a trusted London IT Support solutions provider, we’ve made it a goal to develop a diverse client base. Whether your team is a start-up looking for a solid foundation to build their company off of or an established commercial organisation, we have the expertise necessary to meet any business requirements. Our IT consultancy services have solved challenges for a variety of industries including hospitality, retail, construction, finance, law firms and more. To learn how we can provide your business with a unique and efficient approach to solving IT support requirements, please feel free to contact one of our expert team members using the form below.

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