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In a non-stop business environment, keeping your company flexible and easily accessible for employees is of the utmost importance. For any modern business hoping to survive rigorous and ever-changing management requirements, there is no better solution than the tools provided with Office 365.

Whether your team requires a better way to access e-mails, organise essential tasks, or organise critical company data, as an accredited Office 365 Microsoft cloud partner we can help you improve management and collaboration within your business like never before.

Sphere IT can offer a bespoke subscription service, as well as any Office 365 business support packages to propel your business scope and satisfy current goals.

Sphere IT Consulting
Sphere IT Consulting

What is Office 365

Office 365 is Microsoft’s subscription-based cloud collaboration platform – It provides an alternative solution for businesses by eliminating the overhead involved with host services such as Exchange E-Mail and SharePoint servers in-house.

As an experienced Office 365 partner, we understand the benefits this service provides to any firm. Users may host vital company data and emails in one convenient online hub, therefore streamlining productivity and accessibility. With the addition of high-end digital security, you can work more efficiently knowing your business information always remains safe.

The Benefits of Office 365

Sphere IT Consulting

  • Ease of Use - It’s of the utmost importance for businesses and employees alike to enjoy hassle-free, direct access to emails and important company data. With Office 365, it’s easy to craft effective strategies that lead towards success, rather than a headache.
  • Security - Businesses will no longer worry about how safe their valuable data is in the digital realm. Office 365’s robust security implementation protects access through the utilisation of encryption, data loss prevention tools, advanced threat analytics, and more.
  • Collaboration - Any Office 365 specialist understands the value of simplified collaboration. With multiple versions of the same file floating about, it’s easier for companies to lose important information. Office 365 combats this issue by allowing business users to collaborate on any spreadsheet, file or document - all on a single version, allowing contributors to view real-time changes and edits.
  • Updated Solutions - With Office 365, businesses benefit from having access to the most up-to-date version of the program at no additional cost.
  • Remote Working - Office 365’s accessibility comes at the perfect revolutionary time. Workforce's can access its tools from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, allowing businesses to operate without boundaries.
  • Cost Saving - With the Office 365 subscription model you are always on the latest version of the product as well as not having to maintain, support and eventually upgrade an in-house server.

Migrate to Office 365

Need help setting up Office 365 and migrating from your in-house server or alternative third-party platform? Below are some of the common Office 365 migration paths Sphere IT can help with.


Sphere IT is proud to offer both migration to and from Hosted Exchange environments as well as being a Microsoft Cloud Services Partner and can help you seamlessly migrate to Office 365.


Find out how we can migrate your in-house file server or alternative cloud file storage solution to SharePoint along with all the extra features SharePoint has to offer. 

How we work with you

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Sphere IT is a certified Microsoft and Office 365 partner. With a vast range of experience regarding collaborative digital tools, we can identify how your business will best benefit from Office 365 to meet your needs. Utilising a mixture of managed IT services, thorough guidance, and strategised planning, Sphere IT is the paramount outsourced Office 365 provider.

First, we will organise a consultation with your business team to identify any and all critical requirements, as well as additional goal-oriented or user information. Once this process is complete, our team of IT experts will take this data into account when determining and providing you with the best Office 365 service package to help you get started. 




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