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As an experienced managed service provider (MSP), Sphere IT focuses on remotely managing the IT infrastructure of any company, whether it be a new start-up or a well-established corporation. By maintaining a variety of IT support services and IT Consultancy in London, we are capable of providing speciality programs and services such as Office 365, cloud computing solutions and more.

IT support in London for a variety of business requirements. Our solutions are effective at providing any company with the tools and support needed to transfer their management abilities into the digital realm. With a team of experienced tech professionals prepared to solve any issue, we have the expertise necessary to implement modern technology and bring any business into the forefront of the digital revolution.

Why Sphere IT as a Managed Service Provider?

A managed service provider can offer business security and reliability at every angle, especially when it comes to fulfilling speciality IT services. Whether your business requires a method to supplement your current internal IT department, or needs help establishing a complete digital transformation of your business, we cut no corners when it comes to providing the technological means necessary to guarantee success.

Managed Sourcing vs Outsourcing

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With an outsourced IT company like Sphere IT, businesses no longer have to worry about the problems above. Our all-encompassing IT services in London are available at any given time, allowing businesses to eliminate the costs that come with the wages and training requirements of an internal IT department. Additionally, our staff is continuously growing with tech professionals; your issues will be solved by an entire team of experts, rather than just one or two employees.

As common as they are, internal IT departments don’t provide as much security as one might assume. For one, this method proves to be incredibly costly, as businesses must pay personnel throughout the year – even when they aren’t needed. Additionally, internal IT departments usually consist of a few employees, putting the company at risk when a disaster strikes.

For businesses who wish to keep their internal IT departments, Sphere IT is still an excellent choice to consider; we can provide additional support for comprehensive solutions including disaster recovery, cloud storage, digital transformation, IT consulting, business applications, and more.

We Implement Rigorous Disaster Recovery and Backup Services

It’s at the forefront of any highly-functioning company to keep their information safe, and prevent data corruption from occurring. Sphere IT enables any modern business to protect themselves from a variety of risks that come with digital data, from computer malware and viruses to hardware failures.

Our recovery and backup services significantly minimise the risks that threaten the safety of your business, allowing you to work with the peace of mind that all your assets and information are in safe hands. Should disaster strike, we will also aid you in immediately restoring any lost data.

Propel Your Business Today

Sphere IT’s extensive experience in providing IT services in London is one that your business, too, can benefit from. Regardless of what your long and short-term objectives are, our team is dedicated to providing paramount quality and customer satisfaction with our services. If you wish to learn more about how Sphere IT can secure your business’s future success, be sure to get in touch with one of our IT professionals using the form below. 

IT Consultancy

Through a top-down design, we make sure we understand everything there is to know about your business beforehand, resulting in a system that’s made specifically for your needs. When it comes to providing the best IT consultancy services available for our clients, we cut no corners.

Cloud Computing Services

Our cloud service options allow you to make full use of the software tools your business needs.

With robust data security and integrity as standard, plus a truly scalable approach to software deployment, cloud solutions allow you to grow your business in a way that makes optimal use of your resources.

Outsourced IT Support

When you want to grow your business the smart way you need a flexible solution that fits with your needs.

Our outsourced Helpdesk services are the perfect way to ensure nothing is overlooked or missed, no matter how quickly your demands change. Perfect for ensuring you provide the level of service your customers deserve.

Office 365 Support

In a non-stop business environment, keeping your company flexible and easily accessible for employees is of the utmost importance. For any modern business hoping to survive rigorous and ever-changing management requirements, there is no better solution than the tools provided with Office 365.

IP Phone Systems

Staying connected has never been more important in the world of business, which is why we provide the highly scalable solutions you need.

It doesn’t matter whether you have one site or you are spread right across the UK, our IP phone system solutions are designed to connect your business in an instant.

Internet Connectivity

Our goal is to ensure that getting your business online with a fast, secure and reliable connection is as easy as clicking a button.

By offering independent expert advice you won’t find anywhere else, we can offer the connectivity solutions which allow you to do business in an instant.

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