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Sphere IT is a rising provider of essential solutions and support systems for businesses that require critical changes regarding their IT approach. With a process that not only generates specific recommendations for your business, but also implements them in the most effective method possible, we are quickly making a name for ourselves as a trusted IT support London provider for a diverse array of business needs.   

In a nonstop business environment, our experts will provide you with the tools necessary to keep you ahead of competitors. With a top-down design made to assess every aspect of your business, our services have proven to be some of the most effective professional IT solutions in London. No matter what size your operations may be, we can craft a series of solutions tailored to your unique needs and objectives.

Regardless of your requirements, Sphere IT won’t only propel your business into the digital revolution with ease, but with success.  

Our IT Solutions

Sphere IT is an IT solutions company in London that specialises in seamlessly integrating digital services into businesses of all kinds. Through extensive consultations and all-encompassing assessments, we can best determine how – and where – your IT systems will function most effectively within your business. Not only do we perform a complete computer system inventory of your company, but also an additional analysis of the security, functionality, and reliability of your current digital systems.

How we Provide our Solutions

Sphere IT utilises a combination of professional tools and services to supply any business with the support they need. Our approach is proven to generate results any business thrives on, producing solutions that encourage productivity and fulfil objectives – all while remaining cost-effective. From providing in-depth IT consulting to Office 365 business support packages and Managed WiFi Solutions to name a few, we have the understanding necessary to increase your company’s capabilities tenfold. 

Let Us Help You

Our practical and professional IT solutions in London have served a variety of industries, including legal practices, hospitality, finance, construction, and more. No matter the size of your business operations, we supply powerful and unique approaches to solving ever-changing IT support requirements.

Sound like something your team would benefit from? Explore the services we offer below to learn how we can propel your business into the forefront of the digital revolution. Once you are well-acquainted with what we do, our IT experts are always available to get you started on the road to success.  

IT Consultancy

Through a top-down design, we make sure we understand everything there is to know about your business beforehand, resulting in a system that’s made specifically for your needs. When it comes to providing the best IT consultancy services available for our clients, we cut no corners.

IT Project Management

Our approach is focused on giving you everything you need, no matter how extensive your requirements or how tight your deadlines and timeframes may be.

By taking a comprehensive approach to project management, we can oversee every aspect of your latest IT system developments or tech deployments - with an expert always just a call or click away who can provide timely updates and accessible explanations.

Network Security Services

In today’s connected world, taking a dedicated and proactive approach to network security has never been more important.

It’s why we’re available to undertake a comprehensive audit of all existing solutions, make targeted recommendations and take care of the implementation and execution so you don’t have to.

Office IT Relocation Services

Relocating to a new building or expanding your floorspace should be an exciting time for a growing business, but from experience we know that tech and IT issues can often slow things down.

To ensure your business is always open for business, our relocation solutions allow you to have everything in order, fully tested and up and running before you make the switch.

Office 365 Support

In a non-stop business environment, keeping your company flexible and easily accessible for employees is of the utmost importance. For any modern business hoping to survive rigorous and ever-changing management requirements, there is no better solution than the tools provided with Office 365.

Cloud Computing Services

Our cloud service options allow you to make full use of the software tools your business needs.

With robust data security and integrity as standard, plus a truly scalable approach to software deployment, cloud solutions allow you to grow your business in a way that makes optimal use of your resources.

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