Cloud Computing Services in London

Have you been contemplating moving your businesses IT infrastructure to the cloud? The answer is probably yes and in fact in recent years is becoming a more and more of a popular choice vs managing and maintaining your own servers in-house.

Businesses around the globe are turning to cloud computing solutions to provide the flexibility for their staff to work from anywhere, any time from just about any device so long as it is connected to the internet without having to use VPN’s to their head office network.

Let us help you benefit from the rewards cloud computing can offer while saving the administrative overhead and costs associated with an in-house server.

Cloud Computing Services in London
Cloud Solutions London
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What is the cloud?

The cloud has becoming more of a buzz word which removes the technical jargon from what it actually is and how it works. Essentially, it’s a set of business applications hosted by a service provider and replicated in secure data centres around the globe.

This offers the flexibility to effectively have your entire Business applications such as E-Mail, file data, VoIP phone system etc to operate seamlessly and securely over the internet.

Cloud computing services such as Office 365 are just some of the tools managed service providers across London specialise in to provide their customers with a true one stop shop IT solution.

The Benefits of Cloud Computing

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  • Reduced costs – by removing the overhead of having to support, maintain and license in-house servers and infrastructure in the long run the move to the cloud will certainly pay off. Bear in mind that servers don’t last forever and should be reviewed to be upgrade/replaced every 5 years.
  • Always on the latest version – Once you have purchased a software license (be it client or server side) usually this will entitle you to only the versions you paid for unless in addition you take out a costly upgrade assurance policy with the vendor. With cloud computing your will benefit from always being on the latest versions.
  • Scalability – Its quick, easy and simple to adjust the capacity required for your cloud applications which removes the requirement to spec out servers like you would if you were looking to host yourself.
  • Security – While cloud-based services will remove the complexity for remote access such as VPN - service providers employ strategic security measures to ensure that their millions of users around the globe can trust and have confidence their access is secure. We are Sphere IT always implement multi factor authentication and is something we will discuss during the consultation phase.
  • Backups – Another costly addition to managing your own servers is to ensure there are reliable backups at all time. Thankfully Cloud providers have geo redundant measures in place to give you peace of mind that your data is safe.
  • Compliance – We only partner with cloud solution providers that are accredited ISO 27001 compliant so you can be rest assured that the services meet your authority regulation bodies requirements.
  • Flexibility – You can have all of your business applications and services at your fingertips from anywhere in the world by simply connecting to the internet providing a seamless experience whether in the office, working from home, hotel, coffee shop or even on the beach!

What cloud solutions we deliver

While Sphere IT are renowned for delivering expert IT support in London we are also accredited as a Microsoft cloud partner and have extensive knowledge with their Office 365 platform. Office 365 offers a set of business collaboration applications managed and maintained by Microsoft. Some of the more widely used Office 365 applications:



Access your email from any device from anywhere in the world. Also boasts a fully functional seamless experience using the Outlook desktop application while retaining all features you would expect from that of a locally hosted Exchange E-Mail server.


Provides a cloud-based file share structure to which you can manage permission assignment on user/group level like you would on a typical in-house file server. This data can be accessed via the SharePoint web portal or synced to your device using the OneDrive client which effectively delivers the same experience you would receive working from a locally mapped shared drive.

Azure AD

Gives the ability to manage business PCs & Laptops. You can assign your business PCs & Laptops to your Azure cloud where they and user accounts can be centrally managed.

Microsoft Teams

With Microsoft teams your business can keep in touch and collaborate. Teams is the new “Skype for Business” so allows you to chat one to one or by team group via messenger, Voice call and video call.

How We Deliver the service

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We will arrange a consultation meeting whereby we will audit you existing IT infrastructure and the applications used to plan how they should be migrated to the cloud platform. We take into account any bespoke applications or custom systems your business may use so to provide a stratigic IT solution with how to handle them when transitioning to the cloud.

We then present you with a proposal along with any additional recommendations and step by step timeline for how each process will be handled.

Would you like a free Cloud Services audit or speak to one of our experts today about your Cloud Computing requirements? Then please call us or contact us using the form below