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Your server is one of the core components of your IT Infrastructure so it is vitally important to guarantee its uptime and performance. Whether it’s a simple file/print server or hosting more complex roles such as SQL databases for a bespoke business application or Exchange for your companies E-mails it can be equally frustrating and disruptive when business grinds to a halt.

“Our server is down” is something we at Sphere IT hear all too often when working with new clients. Ensuring the resilience of our client’s server(s) is one of the many important factors we incorporate into our IT Support Plans to keep your business running efficiently. When Sphere IT are appointed to manage your IT we conduct a comprehensive infrastructure audit whereby we check the servers performance and make necessary tweaks to ensure it is optimally configured.

Using our state of the art tools we can maintain and manage your server’s health remotely from our office which enables us to detect issues before they escalate into more sinister matters which makes outsourcing server support and maintenance more appealing. Furthermore, we implement the steps necessary to allow us to remotely diagnose and resolve your server outages even when it has crashed or not booted into the server operating system using HP ILO and DELL DRAC technologies.

Not every case can be resolved remotely which is why we offer unlimited onsite support on our premium IT Support Package. However thankfully with our proven track record and measures we implement when taking over your server support, the requirement for onsite visits are rare.

What Servers do we support?

While we are familiar and have experience with all major server brands, We usually recommend HP or Dell to our clients when they approach us with requirements to replace their existing or install a new server. This is due to their proven reliability and inbuilt tools to better help us support, manage and monitor health.

Multi-Skilled Support Team

Unlike other IT companies we don't exclusively support just Windows based servers- instead we support all server based operating systems including Microsoft, Linux and Mac. We recognise that no business is the same and for this reason we are able to design a bespoke server support package that will suit your firms needs.

Upgrades & Migrations

If your server is reaching the end of life or is at the limits of its capacity, we can advise on a range of hardware upgrades and migration paths available.

Server Co-Location

We are proud to offer cost-effective managed co-location facilities for both physical and virtual servers.
We have a number of private full racks in several Tier 1 data centers within the M25

Cloud Services

As both Microsoft and Google Cloud Partners, we are ideally positioned to assist you with either migrating fully or setting up a hybrid cloud deployment for your choice of services.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Sphere IT provides a full range of both local and off-site managed backup and disaster recovery solutions, to ensure your data is fully protected should the worse happen. We will review your existing disaster recovery scenario and ensure a tired level backup solution is implemented to ensure data is backed up is different locations and mediums so not to rely on just 1 backup location.

Increase Resilience

Whether you have one server or hundreds, we can help you manage your architecture to build in resilience and scale your services so that if one of your servers or hard drives were to fail, another on standby would seamlessly take over eliminating any downtime to your business.


With the exponential increase in power of server components it makes sense to save money by utilising a single server to share its physical resources by use of virtualisation. We support and are familiar with the leading hypervisor platforms including hyper-V, Citrix Xen and VMware ESXi.

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