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Here at Sphere IT we recognise the importance in every aspect of your IT infrastructure and so take the necessary precautions to address and mitigate future problematic PC support issues.

We do this during our initial free IT audit of your infrastructure which we carry out for all of our customers, regardless whether they are a Contract or Ad-hoc customer.

It is always in our mutual interest to ensure that our clients Computers and IT generally is setup optimally to ensure we keep our proven track record and long term customer relations.

We can provide your business with one of our proven London IT Support packages which will give you complete peace of mind over your IT and enable you to get on with running your business.

Improve Performance

Niggling issues that never seem to go away? Does your PC/Mac need a refresh to perform better, or could it benefit from additional RAM or upgrade to a Solid State Drive? We can help

Heighten Security

Ensure your data is fully protected with full disk encryption and our other best security practices such as having all the latest updates and patches installed and optimial security policies conifgured.

Seamless Integration

Let us handle the setup and integration of new devices into your organisation - from out of the box setup, configuration to your business requirements and installation of all the necessary software to setting up new user accounts so your team can get straight to work

Hardware Procurement

We have access to the full range of hardware manufacturers through UK distribution channels and are able to supply a wide range of Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo and Microsoft Surface devices at competitive prices.

Asset Management

As part of our managed helpdesk service we provide you with asset management reporting including service and warranty management with the vendor

Secure Disposal

Whether you are disposing, donating or reselling old equipment, we can use the latest data destruction techniques to ensure that your business data is not compromised in any way.

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