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As much as we hate it, technological obsolescence is an unavoidable part of business. Our computer support in London helps businesses future proof their computers. Irrespective of whether it’s an end-of-sale software, or end-of-life hardware, we offer prompt upgrades when applicable, and suggest replacements if needed.

We offer end-to-end computer support London, both by means of remote IT support and on-premises for individuals and businesses. No matter how trivial the glitch seems, like end-of-life support for Microsoft software, or how complicated it is, our skilled personnel can find a solution in no time.

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Why outsource computer support London

There are multiple ways in which your home and business IT infrastructure might become obsolete. The existing software might no longer be supported, the hardware may become redundant or in some cases, the obsolescence might be logistical, in which a file format may no longer be supported.

All three scenarios will lower productivity and increase maintenance costs. In worst cases, it will result in an extended downtime as a result of poor support service. We function in a speed-of-light business environment, where downtime is akin to loss of revenue and potential clientele. Every second that your computers are not-functional is taxing your London business.

That’s not all. Some of the outcalls that we attend to, include accidental data deletion, malware attacks, corrupt drivers, motherboard malfunctions, glitches with the network adapter and so on. Most of these problems require the trained eye of computer support london repair technicians service. Rather than recruit a team of computer engineers on premises, we offer you better quality service at a fraction of the cost.

Sphere IT offers complete computer support repair and support services, that include preventive maintenance and IT support for servers in London. Our skilled computer engineers will monitor your systems to spot potential problems before they escalate.

Why Sphere IT’s support services?

As a Computer support London company, Sphere IT offers unmatched experience and professionalism. We have been managing IT support for the past 20 years and are one of the top rated companies in UK.

Save Money We understand that businesses today have to make smart choices when faced with burgeoning, competing financial demands. But putting off computer-related expenditures, or clinging on to aging-technology will do your business support service more harm than good. Sphere IT offers flexible computer repair services to London businesses of all sizes. We manage computers for Fortune 500 companies, as well as for our neighbourhood grocery store. No matter what your budget constraints, we can find a digestible support solution.

Bolster productivity According to a survey, UK businesses lose £35 billion per year due to workplace technology failure. A closer look at that survey reveals that this roughly translates to 27-minutes per day. That’s a staggering number of work hours lost every year to computer support problems, that can easily be avoided. Outsource computer maintenance to us for enhanced productivity. We offer end-to-end support services, including cloud services, laptop repair, software installation, antivirus maintenance, data recovery and technical support service.

Enhance Security According to Cisco, 53% of SMBs in the UK suffered a security breach in 2019. That’s not all. Hiscox reveals that one small business is hacked every 19-seconds. Guess what amplifies the risk of a data breach? Outdated software. With our managed computer support, exploitable security vulnerabilities caused due to obsolete software are spotted a mile away. This helps prevent data breaches and hacks.

Boost customer confidence According to a survey conducted by Microsoft, 90% of people are uncomfortable doing business with a company that uses outdated computer systems. Bolster customer confidence with our managed computer support services help keep your computer systems updated and secure. For a reasonable monthly fee, you get a skilled and experienced team to maintain your systems. This avoids a sizeable upfront investment.

Prevent Downtime – Downtime! That’s a word you don’t want to hear as a business that relies on IT. We offer preventive maintenance for our computer support in London. Most potential problems are detected before they occur, which minimizes downtime. In the rare event of an unpredictable glitch, our skilled technicians will be on your premises promptly to attend to it.

Remote PC Support Most common computer problems that we deal with can be fixed remotely. Our network support London team will be available 24/7 for remote IT support and within working hours for on premise calls.

London’s Premier computer support company

Here at Sphere IT we recognise the importance in every aspect of your computer support London and so take the necessary precautions to address and mitigate future problematic PC support issues.

We do this during our initial free IT audit of your infrastructure which we carry out for all of our customers, regardless whether they are a Contract or Ad-hoc customer.

It is always in our mutual interest to ensure that the support of our clients Computers and IT generally is setup optimally to make sure we keep our proven track record and long term customer relations.

We can provide your business with one of our proven computer support services plans which will give you complete peace of mind over your IT and enable you to get on with running your business.

Deal with fewer London computer support hassles by outsourcing your computer support to us. Speak to us now to get a no-obligation quote.

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