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The IT infrastructure is the cornerstone of every successful business. That’s irrespective of whether your business operates in the massive online marketplace, or you are a good old brick and mortar outlet. Fast, error-free computers, a stable and secure network, and proactive support in Essex will ensure that you can focus on your core competencies, without worrying about errors and downtime. Sphere IT is an Essex IT company that offers an extensive range of IT services for businesses of all sizes.

From offering on-demand assistance for an overworked in-house IT service team, to taking over the entire gamut of your IT infrastructure, we can tame computers and make them as predictable as a metronome.

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Based out of Central London, we are an IT support company with a combined experience of over 30 years. Our skillsets are varied, and range from certified network support to Hardware maintenance, cloud computing services in Essex and cybersecurity threats. Rather than acting upon a potential glitch, we believe in preventive maintenance and it has helped our clients avoid hundreds of downtime hours, which would have eroded their bottom line in the blink of an eye.

What makes our Essex IT Support Services most valued?

Since 2010 we have been providing IT support across Essex from our London office to businesses of all industries which has given us an unparalleled perspective on the multitude of varied challenges that companies face on a daily basis. We have constantly tried to evolve our support offerings to meet these challenges in the most effective way. This reflects in the services and support that we offer.

Flexibility -We strive to offer flexible managed remote support services to Essex businesses. From SOS calls to recover a crashed, or hacked network, to complete overhauls of the entire infrastructure as a service, we can help you with everything IT related. Our packages are flexible and we are adaptable to your custom needs.

24/7 availability -We live and function in an era where businesses operate without geographical constraints. Sphere IT’s team of computer professionals in Essex offer round-the-clock service assistance with rapid response times that ensures that your workforce is able to maximize productivity without being burdened with IT problems.

Minimise Downtime -We hate the term as much as you do. So, our onus is to ensure that neither of us ever have to deal with Downtime again. Maintenance is scheduled outside of your work hours whenever possible. Further, we use preventive maintenance. Not reactive action.

Approachable IT Support Essex -Businesses looking for IT support in Essex often have to deal with managed IT support providers who follow a textbook approach towards business. Robotic template responses, frequent references to what’s covered under contract, slow telephone response times and lack of accountability are rampant in the industry. Sphere IT, as a leading IT support service company, you will interact with a team of technology consultancy professionals who treat your business like an extension of ours. Our technical engineers are approachable and will be more than happy to extend assistance beyond contractual details if necessary.

Reliable Security -Cyber security is the biggest challenge that businesses face today. Attacks are more sophisticated and they are not limited to data breaches anymore. Ransomware is the new malware where a cyber-criminal gains access to your system and shuts it down until their demands are met. Sphere IT has a team of skilled computer security professionals who work 24/7 to stay updated about the most recent developments in the cyber security space. We follow an audit, security and education policy which helps businesses thwart most threats while functioning in cyberspace.

Reliable IT Support in Essex

Sphere IT is an Essex based IT support solutions provider that strives to enhance productivity, boost efficiency, and reduce operational costs for our clients. We offer a wide range of enterprise-grade solutions of which our Managed IT support services are most popular. Managed IT support allows you to amalgamate all IT operations under one system. It eliminates barriers and helps London & Essex based businesses streamline their operations.

We operate from our Essex IT support based helpdesk and virtually oversee IT operations for our clients. Networks are constantly monitored by our team of certified network engineers, who are forewarned of potential problems. This allows us to take remedial action instantly and prevent a potential glitch that can hamper the stability of the network. Our remote support also includes complete Network design, migration, backup and recovery.

Whether you are a business that relies on Microsoft Windows or on Apple, we have the team who can guide and provide you with prompt and swift resolutions.

IT Company Essex - Our focus support areas

The modern day business relies extensively on their IT infrastructure. Even then, loss of productive work hours due to common IT problems cost UK businesses approximately £3.4 billion every year. It is estimated that the average worker loses 5 minutes every day to IT issues that can be avoided.

Hence, Sphere IT is dedicated towards offering the most efficient IT support in Essex for businesses in all industries and sectors.

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On-Site Support

Sphere IT offers both, remote IT support as well as on site support. Bulk of the problems that we deal with are tackled with proactive maintenance and virtual assistance. But we also schedule personal visits from our IT support Essex Helpdesk specialists for emergency situations as well as for periodic checks. This allows us to monitor your IT infrastructure, install new devices as needed and update staff with new policies or best practices.

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Remote Support

When you partner with Sphere IT, you secure your IT infrastructure with 24/7 monitoring and maintenance. That’s irrespective of whether your staff is in office or on leave or it’s the weekend. Our remote IT services are active 24/7 and we have you covered, ensuring that your systems function at full capacity.


Diverse Skillsets

At Sphere IT, we have been very selective about the people we bring onboard. Each one of our team members brings a specialized skillset to the table that allows us to effortlessly tackle an extensive range of problems. We have certified engineers with relevant experience in Cisco, Microsoft, Citrix and Office 365 support to name a few. Unlike an in-house IT team, you get access to a diverse talent pool for your IT support in Essex, when you partner with us.


We do the Heavy Lifting

The only thing that deserves your attention and 100% focus is growing your business. Everything else is just an unwanted, time-consuming and as we noticed, a costly distraction. Each moment that your workforce loses to a buggy system, or a software glitch is a potential opportunity for your competition to gain an edge. If you are spending vital productive hours dealing with such problems, then maybe it’s time to bring on a Essex IT support provider who can oversee your IT infrastructure and prevent problems common niggles from occurring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the typical questions we as an IT company are often asked…

An IT support company provides IT assistance for companies who are either to small to justify the cost of an in-house IT engineer or require access to a team of multi-skilled experts who have experience and qualifications to serve their enterprise with all-round reliable outsourced IT support.

It is the responsibility of a Managed Service Provider to deliver support for technology services a company may operate as part of their infrastructure. These services could relate to cyber security, business continuity, Microsoft Office 365 and backup solutions to name a few.
These are the skills required IT consultants to serve their customers with first-class support. It is crucial that an IT engineer is multi-talented, so shouldn’t focus in just one area in computing. For instance, they should hold strong experience with both Microsoft and Apple products, fundamental knowledge with IP & networks, on premise and hosted servers, cyber essentials and managed services such as Microsoft Office 365.
Yes, it is not uncommon for businesses who have a branch London office to appoint us to act as their “hands on deck” to assist with tackling tasks which are only possible with an engineer being on-site. We can provide this service on both a support retainer as well as flexible ad-hoc terms that works for you. This gives peace of mind that your staff in your remote office will always have a reliable IT expert at their disposal if for example your head office is in a much different time zone.
We use a solution from ConnectWise to deliver, quick, efficient and secure access to our clients devices whether they’re remote working or in their London office. This enables us to deliver first class managed IT support to our customers

With a dedicated account manager and a team of experienced IT consultants at your finger tips eagerly waiting to assist you – they posses a wide range skills with technology including Microsoft, Office 365, Apple Mac’s, remote working solutions and more. Whether you are a small or medium sized firm Sphere IT have the skill set to make sure you are delivered hassle free IT to your enterprise.

Yes indeed, we are fully able to support London based firms who have built their companies technology on the Apple Mac ecosystem. We also specialise in companies using mixed apple/Microsoft environments.
Our main client based is focused in greater London however we also have a branch office in Herts which allows us to expand our reach of IT support Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire as well as London

Outsourced IT Support for
Businesses of all Sizes in Essex

Our pricing is cost-effective and we firmly believe in a customer-first approach, which reflects in the word-of-mouth and referral business we generate. Most managed IT companies fail to match their tall pre-sale claims. If you find yourself reaching out to your IT provider in Essex more than you’d like to, speak to us. Our resources are allocated equally to every client, be it a one-man operation or a large corporation. With over 20-years of expertise and a mission to ensure error-free computers and prompt resolutions to your IT problems, Sphere IT is the premier IT Company in Essex

No IT problem is mundane or miniscule. It can be something as simple as an end-of-life software that needs to be upgraded, or an outdated hardware component that’s unable to cope with the burgeoning computing needs of your network. You can rely on us to provide you with seamless resolutions that minimize the interference on your productivity. Our team is only a phone call away.

Keeping your business running smoothly is our business