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How do you know whether the tech in your firm is running optimally and as efficiently as it could be?

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Free IT Auditing

In today’s rapidly evolving technological world, getting left behind is all too easy. But that doesn’t make it okay; the reality is that If you want to be a leader in your industry, then allowing your IT systems and practises to stagnate, is not an option.

What’s the solution? The fastest and easiest way to find out how your IT setup may be lacking, is to have it audited by a team of experts.

At Sphere IT we want all of our clients to be up to speed and in the know. As part of our commitment to providing exceptional IT support in London, we offer a free IT audit with each new customer we onboard.

We’ll not only perform a thorough inspection of all your IT assets, but provide solutions that pertain specifically to your company’s circumstances. We recognise that no business is the same, and consequently we don’t offer one-size-fits-all type answers to problems.

It’s free, and it’s easy. Give us a call, and we’ll help set your IT up for future success.

IT Audit - What is it?

The purpose of an IT Audit is to assess the state of an organisation’s IT operations. This can include amongst other things: the review of infrastructure, systems, practices, processes, security, and department policies.

Critically, an audit can identify inefficiencies and risks within your IT, and thereafter provide insight into ways in which said problems can be remediated.

While some companies do have their own internal auditor, in the interest of an honest, unbiased evaluation, audits are often carried out by external parties.

Either way, any department that has an interest in optimising its performance should be having scheduled audits carried out, and IT is no exception.

Sphere IT Free Audit - How It Works

If your business is ready for a free IT audit, don’t hesitate to send us a request.

We care about providing the most professional and thorough service possible, so our auditing service is a three step process:

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How A Sphere IT Audit Can Help You

Performing an in-house IT audit is usually costly, time-consuming, and the cause of many-a-headache.

So why not let us do the work for you?  Our auditing process will help you:

Reveal Security Holes

Ensuring your company is protected online is paramount. A Sphere IT audit will identify where your cyber security may be falling short, including an assessment of your anti-virus software and tools.

Address performance issues

IT system weaknesses can come in many forms - connectivity problems, routing loops, unoptimised networks, hardware quality, to name a few. Our auditing highlights defects in the chain, and provides you with the solutions to getting them straight.

Know if your IT systems are future-proof

An IT audit will indicate how ready your systems are for what comes next. That means reviewing your hardware and software, but also assessing whether or not your setup is suitable for hybrid & remote working arrangements.

Get to grips with your current IT setup

Whether you’re inheriting an IT department, or simply want a better understanding of your existing systems, Sphere IT can provide you with clarity.

Reduce the need for IT support

When they go unnoticed, even fairly straightforward problems - like those caused by having out-of-date or nonuniform software/systems across your network - can arrive unexpectedly and be a major source of frustration. Diagnosing the shortcomings of your IT now, can limit the nuisance of needing to call on professional help down the road.