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There’s no denying it, your organisation’s computers are a central cog in your ability to function and succeed. You can’t afford to be without them.

Established in Barnet and the surrounding regions, Sphere IT’s support and maintenance service removes the fear of IT-related disasters, giving you complete peace of mind at work.

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IT Support Company Barnet

Over the past 20 years Sphere IT has built a reputation as a tech rescue service. We’ve saved numerous businesses from computer catastrophe, and our recommendation to those clients has always been the same: find an IT support service that’ll manage your systems and prevent problems from happening in the first place…one like ours!

Our outsourced Barnet IT support service includes full system monitoring as standard, so emergency IT situations are extremely rare. Everything from system faults to security weaknesses are caught and dealt with, well before they can create disturbance to your operations. And by full-time, we mean full-time. The business world runs 24/7, which means any system downtime has the potential to hurt your company. We have knowledgeable technicians working round the clock, so there is always an expert on hand to tackle whatever frustrating (or downright terrifying) computer issue you may encounter.

If our phone support can’t fix your issue? No need to fear, our rescue squad – that’s our engineers – will swing by your office when it’s convenient for you.

IT Support in Barnet

In our constantly evolving world of technology, keeping your computer systems up to speed is no small task. It requires the attention of seasoned professionals, but also a detailed and multifaceted IT strategy.

Attempting to fulfil all these requirements on your own can be a costly and time-consuming challenge. Which is why in addition to our remote Barnet IT support, Sphere IT offers a range of managed services aimed at levelling up the tech side of your business. This includes cloud computing integration, cyber security, and IT management and consulting.

We’re here not only to keep your IT free from disaster, but to optimise it, and support your future growth

Advantages of Barnet IT support

Sphere IT promises your business an unrivalled level of support. That means:

24/7 remote assistance. You can call us at any time, for whatever reason.

The help of technicians and engineers with decades of experience. We’ve seen a misbehaving computer or two in our time!

A personalised service that accommodates your company’s needs. Sphere IT has worked in numerous industries with organisations of every shape and size.

Data and system security. Our storage and recovery solutions provide you with insurance against worst-case scenarios.

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Still looking for an IT Company in Barnet?

We pride ourselves on delivering a service that removes all tech related anxiety and stress, allowing you and your employees to focus on your business. But that’s not enough – we believe any modern IT service should be easy and flexible to work with, which is why all our support plans begin as 30 day rolling contracts. That gives you the chance to see if we actually live up to our claims, and discover which of our 3 plans is right for your organisation.

Interested in our Barnet IT Support? We’re just a call away. Our team of technicians are on hand to answer all your questions.

Keeping your business running smoothly is our business