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Born and raised in London, Sphere IT is dedicated to providing the capital’s businesses with an exceptional level of IT support.

Confused computers, sluggish software, network nightmares, you name it – we take all IT problems off your hands, allowing you to save time, money, manpower, and perhaps most important of all, your own energy.

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Premier IT Support Company in Camden

Company revenue, planning, hiring, firing – as the leader of a business, you likely have 101 challenges to deal with. So the last thing you need is to be worrying about the ins and outs of your IT infrastructure.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could “get rid” of this responsibility? If you could hand off all IT-related matters to an expert IT support outfit? Without having to spend a small fortune to build your own?

Working with suppling IT support services to Camden and neighbouring boroughs for over two decades, Sphere IT is the support service of choice for organisations looking to streamline their operations. We keep our Camden based clients’ IT systems running smoothly, so they can focus solely on business matters. What’s more, the majority of our work – like technical support and system/security monitoring – is performed remotely from our company HQ.

Until you need us, we stay out of your hair.

Flexible IT Services for Camden

In this new age of technology, using a managed IT support service should be a simple, stress-free experience.

To make things straight-forward for our customers in Camden, Sphere IT offers 3 different support plans that cover the needs of every kind of business. Not sure which is the right one for you? Our experienced professionals can offer you advice, but there is no need to worry about making a commitment.

As standard, all our contracts begin on a 30 day rolling basis. That means before taking any kind of financial plunge, you get to see if our service is right for you, and discover the most suitable plan for your business.

Whichever of these three plans you eventually land on, you can be sure of receiving the best technical support in Camden, including 24/7 remote support. We’re here for you, day and night!

Benefits of our Camden IT support

We aren’t the only IT service supporting Camden, but we know that we are the best. What makes us so confident? Borderline arrogant, even? When choosing Sphere IT, we promise you:

24/7 support from experienced professionals. We’ve faced just about every IT problem you can think of, and we’ve faced them at every hour of the day!

Flexible service contracts that accommodate your organisation’s needs.

Full-time system monitoring, security, and data backup solutions. Our number one goal is to keep your systems alive, and your data secure.

Dedicated account manager and fully qualified helpdesk engineers.

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Still looking for an IT Company in Camden? - We Can Help

Operating in London and the surrounding regions for 20 years, Sphere IT has helped businesses in Camden of all shapes and sizes. That includes charities, startups, and SME’s covering a variety of different industries.

Don’t let our (company) age fool you – though we’ve gained plenty of experience down the years, our IT professionals aren’t stuck in their ways. We work with a forward thinking attitude, always staying on top of new IT trends and developments to ensure our customers are getting the most effective support on the market.

Still unsure? Want to hear one of us talk before making the leap? For further information about Sphere IT’s services we supply to Camden businesses and to get answers to all your questions, don’t hesitate to get in contact and speak with one of our IT experts.

Keeping your business running smoothly is our business