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Possessing a wealth of knowledge and experience, Sphere IT is a team of geeks committed to keeping London’s IT systems healthy and whole.

From minor glitches to surgical system repair, we’ve spent the last couple of decades helping businesses in Hammersmith overcome all their computer-related troubles.

No need to stress about your IT abandoning you – our experts will take care of everything, allowing you to get back to business.

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IT support London / Hammersmith

IT Support Company Hammersmith

Functional, efficient IT infrastructure is an essential component of any modern business. Your day-to-day operations depend on systems that run smoothly, ideally experiencing zero downtime. Much like death and taxes however, some computer woes are simply inevitable.

Overcoming technical problems and maintaining the many facets of your IT systems – hardware, software, security, networking, to name a few – is a task that requires expertise, money, and a lot of attention. Rather than building out an expensive in-house IT team, why not save yourself the stress and outsource the responsibility entirely?

Sphere IT has been providing IT support to clients in Hammersmith online and disaster-free for over 20 years. Our modus operandi is to provide a comprehensive level of IT support, but to do it in the least invasive manner possible. That means remote system monitoring and round-the-clock phone assistance. And if we do need to send in one of our wizard engineers? They’ll perform the job as quickly as possible, and then get out of your way!

Let Sphere IT worry about your computer systems, so you can put your focus solely on business matters.

IT Services for Hammersmith on Your Terms

In an ever-changing world of business, the success of your organisation in Hammersmith depends on its ability to remain agile.

At Sphere IT, we appreciate that no company wants to get stuck making a long-term commitment to a service they’re unsure of, which is why all our contracts begin on an initial 30 day rolling basis.

To accommodate each type and size of business, we also offer three different levels of technical support. And the best thing about it? If you aren’t satisfied with the amount of support you’re receiving, we make it easy for you to change to a different plan.

One thing that isn’t conditional is our availability – every Sphere IT support contract ensures you and your employees 24/7 phone support. So if something goes awry, there will always be a technician on hand to talk you through it or attend your office in Hammersmith to further support onsite.

Choosing our Hammersmith IT support

Sphere IT’s in-house experts are versed in a range of different systems and software, including Windows and macOS. Our combined knowledge and experience means there are very few technical issues that we are unable to remedy.

When you choose Sphere IT as your Hammersmith support provider, we’ll help you:

Day and night. And yes, that includes the forgotten hours of the morning.

By monitoring your systems and fixing any issues well before they create complications.

Keep your systems secure. Cybersecurity is one of our top priorities, so we use the most advanced tools to ensure that all your data remains under lock and key.

Managing your business platforms (such as Office 365 or Gsuite).

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Still looking for an IT Company in Hammersmith? - We Can Help

Doing the rounds in Hammersmith, we’ve helped all kinds of different clients get their IT in order. That means assisting businesses in a wide range of industries, from hospitality, retail, and finance, to legal and construction. Having worked with charities, startups, and SMEs, we’re also committed to working with organisations of every size and scale.

That is to say: no matter who you are or what you do, Sphere IT is ready to give you a helping hand.

Have some questions? To get the answers you need and find out how we can help your specific business, give Sphere IT a call today!

Keeping your business running smoothly is our business