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In the modern world of business, having healthy and functioning IT systems is a non-negotiable. Thriving as an organisation demands not only working computers, but an entire IT infrastructure capable of supporting a fast-paced and mobile workforce. This includes speedy, reliable networks, data storage solutions, remote working, high end security, and hardware that doesn’t simply cough and pass out when you turn it on.

It’s a lot to worry about. However as a leader, your focus ought to be squarely on the business side of things.

Mayfair’s premier IT support service, Sphere IT will take all of your company’s IT related woes off your plate for good. No need to spend time, energy, and resources on an in-house IT team – our experienced professionals will be there for you and your employees, whatever the issue.

IT Services for Mayfair

Companies come in all shapes and sizes, and everyone’s IT requirements differ. To meet the varying needs of Mayfairs businesses, Sphere IT offers three different levels of support.

No matter which you opt for, each support package starts you off with unlimited technical support. We also appreciate the value of remaining flexible as a business, which is why our plans begin as 30 day rolling contracts. This enables you to sample our services, and then later adjust the level of support according to your needs.

Forget being handcuffed to long, inconsiderate contracts – Sphere IT aims to provide the best IT support for Mayfair businesses, along with a service that is fair, affordable, and gives you future options.

Benefits of our Mayfair IT support

In a major London district like Mayfair, IT support services are dime-a-dozen. So what makes Sphere IT your best option? We’ve spent two decades helping companies in Mayfair and beyond with all their IT struggles. That is to say: we have a wealth of experience and have encountered just about every IT issue you can think of.

Enough about us…what can we do for you? When choosing Sphere IT, you’re guaranteed:

Round the clock remote IT support. Whether it’s 3pm or 3am, a minor issue or a full meltdown, our IT professionals are standing by, ready to help.

Easy, flexible contracts that work with your budget.

Full-time system monitoring. Our experts watch over your systems to ensure nothing goes awry. Our aim is always to catch and fix potential problems well before they become anything serious.

Data backup and recovery solutions. We secure your data to protect against worst case scenarios. In the event of disaster, we’ll do everything to rescue your systems.

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Still looking for an IT Company in Mayfair? - We Can Help

Over the past 20 years Sphere IT has supported organisations across a range of different industries. What’s more, we’ve worked with everything from new startups to well-known, established companies.

Regardless of size or profile, our mission always has remained the same: to offer clients an unrivalled level of IT support. Our experience and depth of knowledge in the IT field mean we’re able to address each and every computer-related conundrum, with little fuss.

So can we help your business? We certainly can!

If you’re an organisation in or around Mayfair that is looking for an expert level of IT support, then don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Perhaps you first want to explore your options and chat with an IT professional? Whenever suits you best, we’re here to talk.

Keeping your business running smoothly is our business