Advantages of Proactive IT Support for London Firms

There are an estimated 1.3 Million Small Businesses in London.

It’s wouldn’t be too far-fetched to say that a lot of these SMEs operate with limited capital, would it?

So, it’s not uncommon for businesses to employ a ‘DIY’ approach in more than one aspect of their business. Prudence is a virtue that will help you save a dime or two. We appreciate that.

But there are certain areas of business that you should not extend it to. For instance, the IT Infrastructure.

Advantages of Proactive IT Support and what it is

Time and again, we have received SOS calls from London Businesses that have realised the hard way that the ‘Break-Fix approach’ rarely saves them any money.

Instead, it leaves them caught unprepared, with one problem too many to tackle by themselves. By the time they make the SOS call to a London IT support specialist, downtime has just gobbled a few critical hours of their prime productive workhours. We can only speculate about the potential losses.

Avoid this and opt for Proactive IT support instead. Sphere IT offers proactive IT support for London Businesses.

What is Proactive IT Support for London Businesses?

If you have an in-house IT team (employees donning one hat too many), or you rely on an managed IT support team to assist you with problems after they arise, then congratulations. You have a reactive IT support model that’s fast becoming redundant across industries.

Most modern London businesses prefer Proactive IT support instead and rightly so.

What’s the difference, you might ask.

Reactive business IT support spring into action only after something breaks down. It might just be an outdated computer that’s unable to cope with the processing requirements, or a software that’s at the end of life. It may be a printer that’s crashed, or in worse cases, a malware or ransomware attack.

Fun Fact – Did you know that there are 65000 attempts every day to hack a small business in UK? 4500 of these attempts are successful.

By the time the business realises and takes remedial action, it could mean hours lost to a problem that could have been avoided in the first place.

Proactive support teams on the other hand monitor your IT infrastructure 24/7, ensuring that niggles are spotted a kilometer away before they escalate into ‘problems’. They use a proactive approach instead of a reactive one.

It’s a skilled team of tech support engineers and network specialists overlooking your entire IT operation, allowing you to focus on your core competencies instead.

From seemingly-mundane software patches to grave situations such as data loss, a proactive IT support team has you covered for all situations big or small.

While that sounds like a pricey endeavor, it’s anything but. Most proactive IT support in London, offer a gamut of flexible IT packages that are SME friendly, so to speak.

What are the advantages of Proactive IT support services?

IT Downtime costs UK businesses a whopping 545 hours of staff productivity per year. That equates to £3.6 million on an average. That statistic is two years old by the way.

While there’s no data to prove whether that statistic is linked to businesses that rely on a reactive business IT support model, the very idea of opting for proactive support is to prevent downtime.

That’s the biggest advantage. Here are a few more.

No More Distractive Noise

Let’s face it. Every time there’s a pop-up or a warning on your computer screen, it’s a break in flow. Every London business wants their employees to work uninterrupted with nothing to disrupt their productivity. A proactive approach ensures that all your computers and peripherals are maintained up to date. Software updates, patches, driver conflicts, compatibility problems, all potential problems are detected in advance and dealt with, before it becomes a distraction.

Managed IT Support Reduces Downtime

Proactive IT teams use preventive maintenance to minimize, or completely avoid downtime. If there’s a component in your network that could cause a potential problem, it is identified. A scheduled downtime is planned based on your workflow. All maintenance tasks are completed during the scheduled downtime. This can even be post your workhours. Along with this, there’s routine maintenance service that keeps your system primed for optimum performance. In all probability, you’ll never have to deal with the term ‘downtime’ again. That’s one of the biggest advantages of managed IT support.

SOS Help 24/7 for your small business

In the rare event of an unexpected glitch or even a natural catastrophe that causes your systems to crash, help is always at hand. Critical data is backed up and copied securely in the cloud. If there is a malware or ransomware attack even in the middle of the night, a team of engineers will be available on-call to help your team remotely, or on premises within London.

Proactive Business IT Support is Cost Effective

One of the biggest arguments that London businesses offer against engaging a full time Proactive IT support team is money. But if you run the math, a managed IT model may be more cost effective in the long run. Here’s how.

  • A Proactive IT support in London will perform a complete audit of your IT infrastructure detecting components that are outdated and may cause potential problems.
  • They suggest cost-effective upgrades and can also help with procurement service.      
  • They can assist with seamless office migration and network infrastructure updates
  • Prevention of downtime by itself will have a positive impact on your bottom line.
  • Fewer glitches and pop-ups translates into better productivity

Improves your Credibility

There’s nothing more detrimental to a London business’ brand image than a data breach or data loss due to cyber-attacks. Customers are wary of dealing with such businesses, because they are concerned about the security of their client data. 41% of UK consumers have confirmed that they will never do business again with a brand post a security breach. With cyber-attacks getting more brazen and difficult to spot, it pays to have an ever-vigilant team of security support service specialists overlooking your IT infrastructure.

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If the cost is what bothers you, then you’d be glad to know that Sphere IT works with London Businesses of all sizes. Right from small businesses to large corporations, we attribute equal importance and resources to every customer.

We are sure that we can offer you a comprehensive support plan that suits your small business needs and fits your pocket.

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