When Should You Consider Changing IT Support Company?

It’s not uncommon to discover after a while, that the London IT company that you have partnered with, is inept. It is problematic though, to cling on to an incompetent service provider, hoping that things will miraculously improve.

When to switch IT support company London

Time and again, we have come across London Businesses who are dissatisfied with the service quality of their IT support partners. But they are sceptical about switching their IT support provider.

We understand that breaking up with a business partner can be a painful and difficult endeavour, especially when you have invested time and money in the partnership.

But sometimes, it’s not a choice anymore. It’s a necessity. If this thought has been lingering in your mind for a while, but you’ve been unable to put your finger on it, then here’s some help.

Here are 7 signs you need to watch out for, that show that the partnership with your IT service provider may not be worth salvaging anymore.

The communication is dissatisfactory

One of the most critical reasons for partnering with an IT support provider is to ensure that you have prompt resolutions to your problems, no matter how trivial they might be. But if the communication is slow, or even worse, inadequate, then it’s definitely a deal-breaker.

Do you have to reach out multiple times before a problem is addressed?

Do you get a call back or an email response promptly?

Ideally, you shouldn’t have to call if it’s a proactive IT support service. But sometimes, glitches pop out of nowhere and you may have to make an SOS call. In such situations, slow response is unacceptable. Your call should be answered and addressed promptly, without being shuffled around to multiple people.

There should be a direct account manager for SOS situations, who’s available 24/7 on call.

If it’s a ticket-based support system, the response should be quick. There should be further follow-ups with resolution updates. You should feel secured that your London business’s IT infrastructure is in reliable hands.

It’s not as proactive as you expected it to be

The word ‘Proactive’ is often loosely thrown around in the managed IT support London industry. But is your IT service provider really offering proactive services? Let’s find out.

Find out what proactive IT support and the benefits associated are and how you can take advantage of them for your business.

Are your workforce constantly distracted by issues with software, antivirus, drivers, peripherals or network adapters?

Are the computers crashing more frequently? Do you spend more time raising tickets or making support calls than doing the actual work?

A proactive IT support provider should be able to monitor and maintain your systems in top shape. While we agree that computers are prone to glitches, there should be a noticeable difference in the volume of problems you encounter after engaging a support provider. If you continue to experience the same kind of problems as before, then it’s time to consider switching your IT support company.

Poor Security systems

Does your IT support provider conduct security audits to assess vulnerabilities and keep your business data secure? Do they equip your workforce with the necessary expertise and education required to function safely in an online marketplace?

The challenge with network security audits is that it’s very difficult to gauge their effectiveness, without being trained in security protocols yourself. But here are some tell-tale signs that your IT security needs re-evaluation.

• You are noticing an increasing number of browser popups, error messages or redirects when you are connected to the internet.

• Your systems have become sluggish and buggy.

• If your IT support company also manages your email, then watch out for phishing emails, spam or spoofing mails in your inbox. Ideally, these should be filtered before they make their way to your inbox.

• You get update requests or scan recommendations from your antivirus and malware software. This gives you an indication that these have not been updated for a fair bit of time.

These are not the only signs mind you. Attacks are no longer as simple as what we’ve described here. But it gives you a fair idea of lax security measures. We recommend that you work with an IT support company that has years of expertise in cybersecurity compliance and risk management.

Your managed support provider passes the buck

Huge red flag!

Mistakes happen. We agree, especially because the responsibility is shared between the provider and the client. The IT support provider has to analyse the client’s IT infrastructure and create a set of best practices that keeps their systems at optimal levels.

Clients on the other hand, should ensure compliance with these best practices at all times.

But, if you are completing your responsibilities and still facing problems, then the support provider has to own up to his share of responsibilities. If you can prove that you have adopted the advised set of practices to the best of your knowledge and ability, then the onus is on the support provider to hold up their end. Instead, some companies are notorious for shirking responsibilities and trying to pass the buck.

If your IT support London partner refuses to acknowledge what you believe is a problem, or they do not offer comprehensive resolutions, then it may be time to evaluate the service.

They are too rigid

While we all want to adhere to the contractual details, an IT support business can rarely afford to hide behind legal clauses. Let’s face it. Computer problems don’t follow a text book. Sometimes, there can be random glitches that nobody expected.

Most IT Service providers are generally very helpful and will extend their support to reasonable levels. After all, their success depends on your success. But if you keep hearing that ‘this is not covered under contract’, then it indicates that they view the relationship are purely transactional.

Your London business can do much better by engaging with a managed service provider who leans on your side and views this as a mutually beneficial relationship. Sphere IT can be that support provider.

Speak to us to know more about our exhaustive list of IT services, IT support plans and how we can be a better solution than your current service provider.