IT Support London

Most business managers want to worry less about IT support and spend more time growing their business.

And whether you’re an ambitious startup or a veteran business with thousands of clients, there’s a lot to worry about.

Even if everything is working smoothly, you never know when the next glitch, bad update or security breach is going to cost you time, money and customers.

Of course, you could spend years studying to become a computer scientist and then hire an elite team of IT experts to work for you – for a huge annual cost.

Or you could save yourself all the time, expense and hassle and get Sphere IT to handle award winning IT support for your business.

Because when it comes to managed IT in London, we’re your tech-support lifeline.

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How can we help with IT support in London?

So if you’re a business looking for cost-conscious, managed London IT support services with unrivalled, 24/7 helpdesk access – then you’ve found it.

Our friendly 24/7 tech support never sleeps. Night or day, we’re ready to solve any problem

We tailor flexible rolling contracts perfect for your business, so you never have to over-commit

Our constant remote monitoring detects any IT issues so we can start solving them as soon as they arise

What if your issue can’t be solved remotely? You haven’t seen fast until you’ve seen our engineers when you need onsite support.

What’s more, our vast network of clients means we’re always on the leading edge of London’s tech support, IT security and future planning.

Does your business need an IT support company like Sphere IT?

Get the personal service level other London IT support providers can’t match

We crave knowledge about your business because that’s how we offer you bespoke IT support perfection.

Whether you’re into services, goods, finance or you’re just breaking ground with a new startup, we learn everything we can about your business.

That means all our staff are ready to help you and you’ll never get generic solutions to the IT needs of your business. Our industry-leading assessment lets us figure out your IT must-haves, your team’s level of expertise and the support you need.

Finally, we use this to tailor an IT support service-package made for your London business. Ensuring you get everything you need to run at peak performance – whatever the future holds.

And we use smart tools to make sure that things stay on track.

Round-the-clock system monitoring so we pick up on any glitches before they become problems

Total security for your precious data

We’re London-based, so you get rapid engineer support on-site

Regular onsite visits from our helpdesk for training, technical setup and advice

Whether you need us to handle all your business IT support needs, or to help out your in-house staff, we’ve got you covered.

And if you’re moving from another London IT support provider, or want us to mesh with your in-house IT support team, we’ll handle the change.

That means minimal downtime and disruption to your business.

Why choose Sphere IT as your IT support London provider

We know you want an IT support service that will take the load off your shoulders and keep your systems running how they should.

We have over 20 years of experience serving London’s business community with hardware, software, consultancy and training.

And because we work with a wide range of businesses, small and large, across London, we have a breadth and depth of skills and experience an in-house IT support team can’t match.

Whether it’s security, cloud-based computing or managing complex hardware configurations, we’re at the leading edge of tech and business IT support in London.

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Flexible Contracts Bespoke to Your Business

We can accommodate any scope of work. You may need only occasional help or advice. Alternatively, you may require full-scale server maintenance and security support services. Either way, we can readily adapt to your requirements.

24/7 Assistance

You’ll always find a certified expert just a click or a phone call away. Our helpdesk staff work tirelessly to solve your issue remotely.

Following that, our always-on system monitoring will make sure it stays fixed. Even a fully staffed in-house IT department would struggle to offer this level of monitoring and agile assistance.

Unrivalled Security

Cyber security should be the priority of all London IT support companies. They must ensure that your most vital data is protected from the harshest of disasters; our team assures business continuity through rigorous planning that lays plans for any unanticipated events.

Minimize Downtime

By regularly achieving fast response and issue resolution times.

A Team of Professionals

The expertise and knowledge of our skilled, certified professional IT support engineers and consultants working

Choose a flexible contract and get all the IT support London businesses needs

At Sphere IT, we’ll never lock you into a long contract that won’t meet your needs. That’s why we give you a choice of offers designed to protect and future-proof your business IT support needs.

Our Core, Premium and Premium Plus IT support contracts give you:

Unlimited, all-you-can-use tech support: Your personal business manager explains the options you need that suit your budget. Then you enjoy unlimited support with no extra charges

No extra charges: We don’t hide anything in the small print. Once you’ve booked your service level, you won’t find any hidden fees, chargeable extras or callout charges. You get unlimited tech support excellence from London’s best IT support provider

Rolling 3-monthly agreements give you complete flexibility: You don’t know what the future holds so we give you the freedom of a rolling contract

And scalability is no problem when you choose us. You can increase or decrease the level of IT support service to suit your business growth.

And just because you’re not bound by a long contract doesn’t mean we aren’t thinking about your future. Sphere IT constantly evaluates your systems and keeps you ready for the next upgrade.

Supporting all of London

What happens when you upgrade to Sphere IT's London IT support?

Our skilled IT support staff are hungry for knowledge about your business. That means when you sign with us, we do a full IT and security audit for you. We use all this detailed information to figure out exactly what you need to ensure you get complete IT support cover. All free of charge.

Next, we share the results with you in plain English, with a simple explanation of our recommendations. Your business manager will help you choose a service level that meets your needs, ensuring you’re not paying for things you don’t need.

Once you book with us, we’ll integrate seamlessly with your systems and handle any change over or staff training.

Why Choose our IT Services

On-Site Support

Not every problem can be solved remotely. Because we’re in London, you get rapid onsite IT support from our engineers when you need it.

And we’re not just there when things go wrong. Our helpdesk engineers visit you to check your IT systems are working as they should. If your team needs training on systems and applications, we’ll handle that too.

Remote Support

Do you already have an internal IT team? Staff absences, illness and holidays can leave you without IT cover when you most need it.

We’ll work with your existing staff so that we can support your IT systems when they’re away.

Not only can you stop worrying about headcount, but you can also get your existing staff trained and supported by us.

Ad-Hoc IT Support

If you don’t need a full contract package right now, we can handle your IT support needs when they pop up on a pay-as-you-go basis.

If you’re facing an IT emergency or just need some answers, then we’re ready to help.

And you get the same outstanding service as our contract customers.

IT Support Plans

Within such a diffuse market, all businesses are unique. Building on this, we've created unique IT support plans that promise to serve your business far better than any one-size-fits-all approach.

We tailor our packages to meet unique business requirements, preventing you from paying for unwanted services. We'll help minimise stressing about your business's IT infrastructure. Indeed we go further by enabling you to understand digital world knowledge vital to the future success of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

They offer technical support for information technology (IT). Services range from Helpdesk support to sophisticated technical troubleshooting, system maintenance, and consulting.

They are professionals with a specialist understanding of IT domains such as networking, hardware, software, cybersecurity, and cloud computing, offering bespoke support to their customers. Critically, they ensure the smooth functioning of client IT systems through the continuing resolution of technical and security issues.

We offer remote and on-site IT support as required. We are set up to provide remote assistance quickly and effectively. We are also available on-site for complex issues that demand a physical presence from the necessary technicians.

Engaging with our IT support services is simple. Contact us by phone, email, or through our website to discuss your IT requirements in detail. We’ll collaborate with your teams to determine your requirements, propose a bespoke solution, and, ultimately, develop a plan to implement and manage your business IT effectively.

Sphere IT achieves market differentiation through our personalised approach, proactive IT monitoring, and unparalleled expertise. Unlike other IT support providers in London, we strive to understand your unique business needs and tailor our services accordingly.

We monitor your IT systems, detecting and resolving issues before they escalate, minimising downtime. Additionally, our inside industry knowledge allows us to provide strategic guidance and recommendations that help you achieve optimal IT performance and security

No problem! We understand the recent Covid-driven shift towards home-working that reshaped many companies and significantly increased the number of remote or distributed teams. We specifically re-designed our IT support services to cater for enterprises with home working.

We offer remote IT support: Helpdesk services, remote troubleshooting, proactive monitoring and security plans. We also recommend best practices for remote work environments, allowing staff to work efficiently and securely from home.

As a managed service provider in London, we specialise in providing comprehensive IT support — in-house and remote — for diverse technologies, including IT support for servers, networks and computers (including Apple Mac) and remote IT support.

Our IT experts have experience troubleshooting various hardware and software technologies, including Windows and macOS operating systems, physical and virtual servers, networking equipment, computers, laptops, tablets, mobile devices, and more. We track industry trends to ensure that we can effectively support the diverse IT needs of clients.

Yes indeed, we are equipped to support firms that have built their companies technology on the Apple Mac ecosystem. We also specialise in companies using mixed Apple/Microsoft environments. See the Apple Mac IT Support service page for more information.

Our main client based is focused in Greater London however we also have a branch office in Hertfordshire which allows us to expand our reach of IT support for Essex, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire as well as London.

What Our Clients Say

IT Support London - get in touch with our helpdesk today

The last thing you need when you call for IT support is to be kept waiting, only to reach people who can’t solve your issue.

We go strong on only hiring the best IT experts – so you can be sure that your solution is just a click away.

Your business doesn’t sleep so neither do we - 24/7 managed helpdesk support when you need it

Your issue can’t be solved remotely? No problem. You get rapid engineer support in London if we can’t fix your problem remotely

We use plain English so you and your team won’t need to deal with confusing IT jargon

Our 24-7 system monitoring constantly scans your IT health so we can solve issues before they become problems

Contact us today to find out how we can foster your success and see for yourself why we are one of the most trusted IT support companies in London.